Mustard Who Beheaded Daniel Pearl Attempts Suicide

article-stone-0201“Pearl’s body was found four months after he disappeared, cut into a dozen pieces, the head severed, the upper torso still clad in a light  blue track suit that his kidnappers made him wear, the report said.”

Never forget who we’re fighting. They have no mercy nor humanity. They are evil incarnate. We have yet to learn how to deal with these monsters.
646d9cffa0e5767b241b3aefcdc2f87913b05160-500x384Karachi (AFP) – A British-Paki (Musel-)man convicted of the killing of US reporter Daniel Pearl has attempted to commit suicide in a Pakistani prison, an official said Saturday.

“Omar Sheikh, a British-Pakistani, who is serving life imprisonment in Hyderabad prison, tried to hang himself with the exhaust of the prison cell late Friday,” senior police official Akram Naeem told AFP. (thanks to PD)

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This was published a few months prior to the 7/7 attacks. Little did anyone suspect that Islamic terror would result not in a backlash but in boot-licking. (That’s because the Polly Toynbees didn’t learn it then, and they certainly didn’t learn it afterwards.)