"Our" ABC: deluded, too biased, too slow and too expensive

ABC Wanker of the Month:

First, the  ABC and its Leftist allies  defended its currents affairs shows from claims of bias by warning children that conservatives are just out to squash the Bananas in Pyjamas. Pathetic.

But do not fret:  here comes an “enormous groundswell of support”  from  a six-year-old girl who organised a charity bake-off, raising $40 for the national broadcaster.

“I love ABC,” says the letter. “Love from Isabelle.”

Instead of cringing with embarrassment, Mark Scott ($805,392) actually poses with the little girl’s cheque and uses the moment to push some ABC propaganda: AUSTRALIAN BAKING CORPORATION  (Tim Blair)


ABC boss Mark Scott this morning denied the ABC was too biased, and tried to  hide his complicity behind the skirts of a six-year-old girl. Leftist loons are  more primitive than their Islamic foot soldiers.


“Our most recent research shows that 85 per cent of the Australian people believe that the ABC provides a valuable service, that we’re the most respected media organisation in the country and one of the most respected organisations in the country.”

Yeah. Time to stick a fork in it. This goose is cooked.


Given how long it takes the ABC to process basic information, the delay over an apology is understandable. These people are simply slow. (Tim Blair)



 Coke to the world

Coca-Cola And An America That Is No Longer A Real Country But, Rather, The Whole Wide World

Hugh Fitzgerald

By their ads shall ye know them. The propaganda campagaign on behalf of Diversity — apparently something that is not self-evidently wonderful because otherwise why would its putative wonderfulness have to be brought up on every conceivable occasion? — was distinctly noticeable in several of  the Superbowl ads. There was that cute-as-a-button little girl, biracial as all get out, pushing her Cheerios and asking her black father and white mother, who have just let her know she’s going to have a little brother, if she can also have a puppy. It’s not just the Cheerios that are being pushed.

Of greater note was this ad for Coca-Cola. The hijabbed sweet-faced presumably guileless and friendly girls who are on display are, according to Coke’s unstated premise, a new and welcome addition to our American quilt. But is that true? When you live in a Western country and are not in fear for your life should you choose not to be hijabbed, the wearing of a hijab  can reasonably be taken, by the time you are in your teens, as a conscious sign of submission to Islam, or to the male relatives to whom you must listen (and even be persuaded that Slavery is Freedom), a pledge of allegiance not to America, but to Islam. And the tenets of Islam flatly contradict what is in the American Constitution, including the First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments. In Islam women are not equal to men, and non-Muslims are not considered equal to Muslims, and at best must be treated as dhimmis, enduring a host of legal and social disabilities. That’s what Coca-Cola was casually celebrating, out of an ignorance that rises to the level of criminal negligence.