The tide of asylum seeker misery is finally turning around: mass exodus to Malaysia shows the federal government's policy is working

Out with the Banglatrash

The tide of asylum seeker misery is finally turning around: mass exodus to Malaysia shows the federal government’s policy is working


ASYLUM seekers awaiting passage to Australia have begun flooding back into Malaysia in the first independent confirmation that the federal government’s controversial boats policy has effectively closed our maritime borders.

Malaysian officials revealed the Maritime Enforcement Agency has for the first time intercepted boat people returning from Indonesia to Malaysia across the Malacca Straits because they could not get to Australia.

The official in charge of Malaysia’s operations described it as a complete “reversal” of the people smuggling trade, claiming it was a direct result of Australia’s Operation Sovereign Borders. “I would definitely say so, there is a change of patterns now … a reverse movement of people,” director-general of the MMEA Admiral Mohd Amdan Kurish told The Daily Telegraph.

“Recently when we had our operation last month where we have a reverse movement of people … we intercepted 27 people, Bangladeshi, who would normally move out of the country, ­Malaysia, to go to Australia.

Australia has agreed to give the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency two Customs Bay-class patrol boats to police the waters between Malaysia and Indonesia – at a cost of $1.2 million – by the middle of next year. READ FULL STORY HERE

Australians are waking up to what the treacherous Labor bastards tried to do to them:

Australians naively assume the illegal immigration farce was the unintended result of a policy accident. On the contrary, the situation was deliberately engineered by the Rudd/Gillard governments who were fully cognisant of the likely consequences.

Well aware of a decades long electoral slide towards minor party status and irrelevance, 50,000+ illegal immigrants, now voters, were purposefully let in the back door by a Labour government well knowing that they were overwhelmingly likely to settle in the outer urban areas comprising the nation’s marginal seats.

Eager to ensure that these people would remain not just financially but ideologically dependent upon the largess of a socialist government, immigrants were deliberately targeted by poilitical indoctrination and Labour propagandising during government & NGO sponsored ‘assistance’ programs (such as English classes).

The Labour Party has deliberately and traitorously sold not just it’s own soul but the nation’s heartland in order to maintain its grip on power at all costs. “Anything it takes” is its mantra, even if that results in the ruination of this once great country.

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  1. Thank God they are going somewhere else. I was beginning to wonder what country I could move to away from this soon to become unlucky country. I dread to think what religious and racial unrest our future holds in Australia. What other country allows pseudo refugees into their country ahead of real refugees toughing it out in squalid conditions in camps. Not means testing these people before giving them handouts. Our government put them ahead of our own people waiting on housing etc. So many free hand outs. What a travesty of justice. Send them he.

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