Turkish troops will 'never' leave Cyprus

In 1974 Turkey invaded Cyprus, illegally dividing the country and committing war crimes and mass human rights abuses. Hundreds of thousands of Greek Cypriots were ethnically cleansed by the Turkish army.  200,000 Greek-Cypriot were displaced, many are still missing. Today,the Turks are in no way cooperative and remain belligerent, all the while blaming the Greek Cypriots for  not conceding more.

Turkish troops will ‘never’ leave Cyprus– once the land is conquered by the soldiers of allah, it must remain so forever.
Turkish troops will 'never' leave Cyprus

Turkish Cypriot President Eroglu says Turkish troops’ presence on divided island is red line for Turkey.

At the end of Wednesday’s preliminary talks on the Cyprus issue, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) President Dervis Eroglu refuted earlier rumors that Turkish troops will leave the island.

“The presence of Turkish troops in Cyprus is a red line for Turkey and it will never approve their withdrawal,” Eroglu stressed.

Their presence complies with the agreement between Turkey, the United Kingdom and Greece, which appoints the three states as guarantors of the island’s two communities, Eroglu told the Anadolu Agency.

Noting that the sovereignty of the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot communities is among the biggest issues causing deadlock in Cyprus talks, Eroglu added, “[Greek Cypriots] recognize our sovereignty, because the sovereignty of the unified Cyprus will be guaranteed by the two founder states – that is the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot states.”

TRNC chief negotiator Kudret Ozersay and the Greek Cypriot administration’s negotiator Andreas Mavroyannis met at a United Nations-controlled buffer zone on the island.

Negotiations over Cyprus are set to resume after a 2004 deal put forward by former United Nations (UN) Secretary General Kofi Annan to reunify the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot communities was defeated by a “no” vote in a referendum held in the Greek Cypriot administration. The Turkish Cypriots had voted in favor of the Annan plan.

A joint declaration announced by the UN mission in Cyprus on February 11 said a settlement between the two sides “will be based on a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation with political equality.”

A solution would also be expected to address issues such as the constitutional framework, territorial adjustments, return of property to pre-1974 owners and/or compensation payments, return of displaced persons, and residency rights/repatriation of Turkish settlers.

Turkish Islamic Apartheid against Greeks

End the illegal Turkish occupation

The 3Rs:

1 Remove all Turkish troops from Cyprus
2 Repatriate all colonists
3 Return all refugees to their homes without preconditions, restrictions or discrimination

Turkey continues to violate international law and United Nations resolutions that demand the withdrawal of the Turkish army and the right to return for Greek Cypriot refugees.

We are protesting because Turkey still maintains its illegal apartheid regime that racially discrimates against Greek Cypriots by preventing them from returning to their homes and lands.

The Greek Cypriots are the legal owners of 82 percent of land in the occupied north and we want to return. We will never give up our properties to those who seek to profit from their theft and illegal purchase.

Is it right that Turkey, which aspires to join the European Union still maintains military occupation of one third of the Republic of Cyprus, a country which is a full member of the EU?

The human rights of the Cypriots must be restored, so that we may live in a truly reunited Cyprus with the full rights enjoyed by all other EU citizens.

While Turkey continues violating the human rights of EU citizens and destroying the European culture of occupied Cyprus, it is unacceptable that it is allowed to proceed with EU accession negotiations.

We call on your support to put pressure on EU governments to help end the illegal occupation of Cyprus and to end Turkish apartheid in Cyprus.



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  1. Ha. Ha. “Greek Cypriots, recognize our sovereignty” No. No. they do not and they never will accept or recognize your occupation you delusional blockhead.

    “Turkish Cypriots (note: this should actually read Turkish Settlers) had voted in favour of the Annan plan,” of course they do. Because, they’ll come out as winners and gain a drastic improvement in wealth and living.

    The Greeks in the south are successful and wealthy. Whilst, Northern Turkey is a shithole, poor and entirely dependent on a bailout from the Turkish government for their meager existence.

  2. Seriously? Why is this not on bumper stickers?

    “End the illegal Turkish occupation”

    In Australia alone, there is such a huge Greek community. Furthermore, most Greeks know someone or who have family members who have lost land and property on Cyprus.

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