"Australia's Moral Compass"

Under the KRudd-GLard regime Australian free speechers were in serious danger of ending up in reeducation camps. Village idiot Stephen Conroy  was pretty close to turning the whole country into a giant gulag.  Amazing how close this red diaper baby came  to criminalise us all.

Today, Leftoid totalitarians shriek about Abbott’s efforts to restore free speech. What’s truly freighting is that “our” taxpayer funded ABCeera stooges  all profess to be moral guardians on ‘racial vilification’ in their tireless efforts to muzzle us all. What’s never discussed is why they are so eager “to protect minorities and the vulnerable”from having their tender feelings are hurt, when we all know that what they really mean is the 600 pound gorilla in the room: Islam.

Curiously, our leftist speech nannies show absolutely no morals when it comes to vilifying conservatives, as we can see in the excerpts below. Singing along in unison are Mohammedan agitprops Mariam Veiszadeh, from the Canberra Times and open borders Muslim Sam Dastyari. (statement not available, but we have this: Dastyari seems to lack judgement)

We are not children to be silenced or monsters to be gagged. We can be trusted to police our manners (Bolt)

Should the law also be used to silence the Left’s bigots, or should we just rely on free speech the shame the barbarians?

Mariam Veiszadeh, Canberra Times, yesterday:

THE Abbott government is intent on destroying Australia’s moral compass … the simple, perhaps controversial truth is this — white middle aged men in powerful positions are not the ones … who regularly face discrimination. So why is it then that the proposed amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act seek to protect this category of people … who continuously spew hateful and misleading vitriol …

ABC online Triple J, February 26:

GWAR frontman Dave Brockie … (who) plays as the 43-billion-year-old intergalactic humanoid Odorous Orungus in the American horror metal band … is part of the 2014 Soundwave Festival tour … the band (has) decapitated life-size effigies of Abbott … Brockie … (said) “I think he probably deserves to have his f..king head cut off … We would never have killed Tony Abbott (on stage) until in every single interview I had before coming here, every (press interviewer) I talked to told us: ‘You’ve got to kill Tony Abbott.’ We didn’t even know who he was. But I was just like: ‘Guys, we’ve got to get Tony Abbott and chop his head off, because apparently he’s like George Bush I … We also chop off the queen’s (sic) tits and stomp on the royal baby …”

Gary Kennedy, Newcastle Trades Hall Council secretary, March 16:

AND I want to talk about this filthy animal, Gina Rinehart. This despicable human … talks about bludgers … And we’ve got (Alan) Joyce from Qantas … Another person who should be shot somewhere in the back of the head.

Mungo MacCallum, YouTube, December 19, 2013:

WE can keep Sophie (Mirabella) underwater for … three years … we’d prefer cement … Tim Wilson … a vicious spoiled little brat, an ideologue … pissing in the pockets of the rich and powerful … there are those that would say that … your violent, unnatural practices break the laws of god and man … you will burn in hell forever.


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  1. Actually, it is white middle aged men, whether or not they are in powerful positions are the ONLY ones who regularly face liberal’s discrimination.

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