Coptic girl murdered for cross tattoo


Egypt: Christian murdered because of cross tattoo

The new regime in Egypt is favorably disposed toward the nation’s Christians, but that only inflames the Islamic supremacists, who lash out as here, by murdering innocent people. But remember: the real problem is “Islamophobia”!

“Bishop Raphael: Coptic woman killed because of cross tattoo,” from MCN Direct, March 29: (JW)


EGYPT – Two MuBro’s sentenced to death for throwing children off roof last July

Vlad Tepes Video:

Egypt: Christian murdered because of cross tattoo

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Attack Church, Four Dead

Among other forms of “retaliatory terrorism,” some 80 Christian churches were attacked in Egypt immediately after the June 30 Revolution, which saw the ousting of Muslim Brotherhood president Morsi.

Afghanistan: Educating Girls in Madrassas

In Afghanistan, girls are being brainwashed into thinking that it’s God’s will for them to be thoroughly oppressed by men. In the West, students are being brainwashed into thinking that only a racist would object to what goes on in an Afghani Madrassa. Posted by 

Killing kafirs is at worst a misdemeanor under Sharia law.

At most, the killer MAY be punished with a fine. Otherwise, a blasphemer may killed with impunity. The killer might not even be charged.

K. 5:33 “The only reward for those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom…”

Aqa Mahdi Puya comments: “Waging war against Allah and His prophet means hostility against His chosen representatives; or deviation from His laws by overstepping the boundaries laid down by Him; or letting loose a reign of terror to persecute and frighten innocent people in order to deprive them of their rights; or attempts to undermine the cause of Islam and the overall interests of the Muslims; or activities to enslave, exploit and destroy human beings.”

Non-Muslims, according to the Koran, are not considered ‘innocent’ civilians. They are at war with Allah. They are “guilty” of disbelief (45:31, 83:29) – the worst crime. The Koran says that non-Muslims are against Allah (25:55); on the side of the Satan and are fighting for him (4:76-77); “evil” (16:27, 2:91, 2:99); the “wrong-doers” (2:254, 5:45); the “enemy” and “perverted” (63:4); “wicked” (80:42, 9:125); hypocrites (4:61); “unclean” (9:28). As for whether non-Muslims are civilians, the Koran is not even clear that non-Muslims are fully human. Instead, the disbelievers are the “worst of created beings” (98:6); “miscreants” (2:99, 24:55); “the worst beasts in Allah’s sight” (8:55), “apes” and/or “pigs” (2:65-66, 5:58-60, 7:166), and so on. Verse 60:4 says followers of Allah will hate the disbelievers forever, unless the disbelievers come to believe in Allah only.

This thorough demonization of disbelievers, together with the conception of disbelief as the worst possible crime mean the lives of Christians in Egypt are practically valueless.


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  1. I got confused there. I thought I was still reading about the four horsemen….does that al Jazeera woman really have to look so ghoulish?

  2. Any excuse for murder is good for Muslims. It wasn’t about the cross. It was about the insanity of Islam. We are brainwashing ourselves with Islamic b*llsh*t when we say/believe things like “They killed her because of the cross”. Maybe that’s counter-intuitive, but it’s time we stopped deluding ourselves with Islamic language.

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