Dumber and dumber

Mindless drivel from  9News:

There’s one thing Warren Truss and Bill Shorten agree on: there is no place in Australian politics for extremism.

Our enemies are really primitive. And boring.


Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders and the anti-Islam Q Society of Australia intend to launch a political party, the Australian Liberty Alliance.

Mr Wilders will visit Perth in 2015 to formally launch the new political force.

“Many of you are disappointed by current political parties and have had enough of politicians who sell out our western civilisation,” Mr Wilders said in a video address ahead of the Q Society’s International Symposium on Liberty and Islam in Australia, which starts on Friday.

“Like you, good people in Europe, America and Canada have had enough of politicians who don’t share our values and foolishly declare that all cultures are equal and who lack courage to speak the truth and say that Islam is the biggest threat to freedom today.

“You too will soon have the opportunity to turn the tide in Australia.”

Yes we can!

The world’s leading counter jihadists are convening in Australia today and tomorrow for our 1st International Symposium on Liberty and Islam in Australia, Melbourne, 7 ~ 10 March 2014, organized by Deborah Robinson), SION Australia and the Q Society of Australia. Get on a plane and come.


Deputy prime minister Warren Truss said Australians wanted the country’s politics to be moderate and peaceful.

“Extremism often leads to strife,” he told reporters in Canberra on Wednesday.

Warren Truss is clueless. G-d bless this ignorant fool.

“While people are entitled to their views in this country, we really do expect all Australians to respect the views of others and to promote their views peacefully.”

Geert Wilders didn’t fly jumbo jets into tall buildings on 9/11. He is not responsible for Bali 1 + 2 and doesn’t call for the beheading of unbelievers. You are safe, Warren.  You idiot.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said Australia worked best when the country encouraged diversity and multiculturalism.

“Extremism, be it of the far left or the far right, is not welcome in Australia,” he said.

Strangely, we didn’t hear a word from Shorty when village idiot Stephen Conroy insulted our Navy people. And Shorty didn’t utter a word when Conroy wanted to censor our free speech. That’s far left extremism, Shorty. And Geert Wilders is a Social Democrat. You dolt.

“People who preach simple solutions for the future of this country are often just leading Australians up the wrong path.”

That’s a mouth full coming from a primitive union apparatchik like Shorty.

Mr Wilders said planning for the political party started during his visit to Australia a year ago.

That visit was marked by protests and bans on media attending the Dutch firebrand’s addresses.

Despite the enemedia Wilders visit to Oz was a huge success. We need more “firebrands” like that.

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  1. Why are all these Assisters/Enablers of Islam STILL ALLOWED TO EXIST IN AUSTRALIA ????

    How come the non-muslim population of Australia tolerate these political fools and haven’t incarcerated them for Treason and Sedition ????

    Just because these Islam-muslim AND their Dhimmis are running rampantly around Europe does not mean they can do the same in Australia !!!!

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