France, and that "very strong bond between Islam and the Republic, for the defense of the sovereignty of our country"

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Scenes of population replacement
Public transport Paris all blacks 

Subway in Paris

 Take a close look: there are some whites – all the way in the back on the left, and possibly the woman up front with a black scarf. Not an unusual sight in major Western cities, but how depressing it is to start or end your day in the company of people who could at any moment turn on you. The people on this subway are certainly resentful, hateful and potentially violent, and the rightful inhabitants of the city, who have to share the subway with them, sooner or later sacrifice their intelligence, their freedom of thought, their well-being, as they become numbed to the mindless, sub-standard world around them, forbidden by the laws of political correctness to say anything negative.

France: 14-year-old Muslim girl says she was “selected” to join the Syrian jihad

Arab savages beat French Jew in  Paris train

Islam better than atheism?

Hollande in praise of Muslim soldiers


François Hollande went to the Grand Mosque of Paris on Tuesday for a homage to the Muslim soldiers who died for France in the two World Wars. “France will never forget the price of the blood shed, she will keep in her memory the names of those who fought for our freedom, without distinction of origin or religion,” declared the president, as he inaugurated a monument to the memory of Muslim soldiers in the garden of the mosque. In 2012, more than 80% of the Muslim voters “Ni99as” had voted for Hollande.

From a disenchanted Frenchman:

I feel the Muslims who died for France should be honored at the same time everybody else is – on November 11, which is now a date that honors all those who died for France. It seems highly inappropriate to honor Muslims at a time when millions of them are slowly but surely taking over the country, and I regard Mr. Hollande’s pandering as an insult to the French and typical of the unctuous and insincere flattery Western leaders have used for the past sixty years to appease the minorities who, being infantile and spoiled, may at any moment erupt into violence (and do, despite the unctuous flattery). Instead of groveling, Hollande (and his predecessors, for he is not the only one to do this) ought to be closing the borders and repatriating as many Muslims as possible. While we have no exact figures there cannot be fewer than ten million in France now, and some say fifteen million. It is a crisis, and the leaders are terrified, hence the attempt to exorcise the evil through appeasement, and to gain votes from the very people who will destroy France.

As for the men who died, the Paris mosque was built in their honor after WWII. For a long time it was the only mosque in Paris, built in violation of the 1905 law separating Church and State. But it was done as a gesture of gratitude. Now France has almost three thousand mosques and new ones are being built all the time in violation of the law. There’s been enough repentance and gratitude – it’s time for self-preservation and sovereignty.

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  1. Hollande is just a socialist enabler – nothing more. He was ill equited to serve France, and this shows on a daily basis.

  2. Real atheists don’t give a s**t what you do as long as you stay out of their faces. They’re more like AA, about attraction, not promotion. Muslims, on the other hand, simply have an AK or sword in your face. Catholics are stupid along with the rest of Christian Dhimmidom. But, “the clergy” will always hold hand with the devil as long as it keeps them in power. Now, faux/fashion atheists (clueless liberals) hate Christians and Jews, love Muslims and are always in your face and want to change everything. Therefore, f**k them. Hey, Catholics, how ’bout the belief that Catholics are nothing but fresh meat for the Halal Butcher Shop?

    Jews, learn how to defend yourselves and prevail in armed and unarmed combat. Muslims are going to continue kicking your a***s until then. Remember how not defending yourselves worked out with Hitler?! People who don’t or don’t know how to defend themselves p**s me off!

    That bus photo reminds me of scenes out of the movie “Children of Men”

  3. That bus photo reminds me of the movie “Omega Man” (which was based on the seminal apocalyptic post-civilizational book ‘I Am Legend’).


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