John Bolton: "Our biggest national security crisis is Barack Obama."


Finally. Somebody had to say it.

“We meet at a time of true national security crisis,” Bolton told the gathered conservatives. “Our biggest national security crisis,” he said, “is Barack Obama.”

Obama “is uninterested in U.S. national security. He considers our strength part of the problem,” Bolton said, citing a 2009 Obama speech in which the president said “no world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will succeed” as an example.

“He is a Wilsonian,” Bolton said of Obama. Bolton quoted Woodrow Wilson’s statement that “there must not be a balance of power, but a community of power,” in the world, and quipped that “Wilson wasn’t even a community organizer.”

A Red Line for Putin

I don’t see what all the fretting is about regarding Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine. All Obama needs to do is draw a red line. You know, like he did to get Syria in check. (Moonbattery)


However,  Obama Approval Numbers Hit Record-Low 38 Percent according to the latest Fox News Poll.

‘Uninvited’ Panel: Muslim Brotherhood a Threat to America

Obama zebibaThe nonviolent “influence” and intelligence operations of the Muslim Brotherhood are as much a threat to America as Al Qaeda or other violent terrorist organizations, a panel of experts assembled at the Breitbart News Network, Center for Security Policy and EMPAct America “The Uninvited II: The National Security Action Summit” warned.

Its to laugh, its to cry:

DNC Members Can’t Name Even One Hillary Clinton Achievement


MRC TV interviewed members of the Democratic National Committee at their winter meeting to ask their views of Hillary Clinton’s achievements. Apparently, none of those interviewed could come up with even a single accomplishment attributed to the former Secretary of State.

Homeland Security Will Not Deport German Christian Homeschoolers the Romeikes

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has verbally informed the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) that the Romeike family, German homeschoolers who sought legal asylum in the United States, has been granted indefinite deferred action status, which means that the order for their removal from the United States will not be acted upon.

New York Times Offers Solution to Putin’s Aggression

The pointy-headed chin-pullers who run the media and installed Obama in office have figured out what caused Putin to invade the Ukraine: Bush did. Now they’ve decided out what to do about it. Can you guess the solution? If not, you don’t know liberals.

The answer of course is raise taxes. (Moonbattery)