Libya: Christians murdered for 'proselytising', church burned…

In that case all Muselmaniacs in the west are guilty of doing da’wa and should be dispatched at once.

An Egyptian Coptic church in Libya’s second city has been attacked by unknown gunmen in apparent retalliation for Copts found to be proselytizing in Libya, AFP reported on Monday.

The incident follows the arrests of around 50 Egyptian Christians, accused of trying to convert the local populace, who are largely Muslim. Attempts to convert Muslims is strictly forbidden in Libya and most Muslim countries. (source)

copts_in_libya_march2014Seven Egyptian Christians were shot dead in Benghazi just last week

How can anyone view Islam negatively?

Muselmaniacs are totally puzzled how anyone cannot like the religion of peace. They are even more puzzled that 54% of Canadians are beginning to understand Islam as a dogma well enough to view it negatively.

The bad news is that 46% are still deluded enough about it to tolerate bad policy and increased Islamic influence. Hopefully someone who recognizes the bearded man can tell us a little bit about him and his teachings. (Vlad Tepes)

Perhaps the ‘ignorant’ people he refers to, those Canadians who view Islam negatively,  are following the news  about the mass-stabbing attack in China.

Wankfest Among Wakademic Kaputniks in Georgetown

Actually its more like a gathering of prostitutes, bought and paid for by Soddy Barbaria:

Georgetown University: Daniel Varisco and John Esposito explain “Islamophobia” for you

A Jihad Watch reader attended the Georgetown University presentation on “Islamophobia” last week and kindly sent in this report. I wrote about this presentation here before it happened, saying that it would not be a true academic inquiry, amassing the facts and training the student to make an informed judgment, but an exercise in propaganda, […] Continue Reading »