Obama vs Putin: a Picture Tells All

NATO says Russia risks destabilizing Europe but no action


Despite the strong words, diplomats said they did not expect NATO to agree on significant measures to pressure Russia -Ukraine will ask for help if Russia action expands -ambassador

“What Russia is doing now in Ukraine violates the principles of the United Nations charter,” Rasmussen told reporters before a meeting of the North Atlantic Council, made up of the permanent representatives to the 28-nation military alliance.

“It threatens peace and security in Europe. Russia must stop its military activities and its threats.”


John “Lerch” Kerry: Putin Invading Ukraine An Act of “Weakness”… 


As Russia Invades Ukraine – Obama Goes to Dance Recital (GWP)

Obama told Putin today he broke international law and must withdraw troops from Ukraine.
President Putin’s response:
putin laughing

From the White House website: NO JOKE: Obama Tells Putin He Broke International Law & Must Withdraw Troops from Ukraine (GWP)

US National Security Team Meets on Ukraine, Russia… Obama Skips Meeting (GWP)

Gunmen Surround Ukraine Military Base

But nothing could be more important than the Islamisation of Jerusalem and the USA:



Today a caucus, tomorrow the Congress. Politicians are so desperate to find “the moderate Muslims” that they’ll do extraordinarily stupid things. 15,000 Ahmadi Muslims and they get their own caucus? These “moderate” Muslims smear, defame and attack counter jihadists like Robert Spencer and me, so color me skeptical. I have debated them on television here and in print. They provide essential cover for the global jihad.READ MORE (Pamela Geller)

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  1. Obama is spun.

    Crimea is pure Russian, and was part of the Russian SSR until Nikita Kruschev (who was himself Ukrainian) arbitrarily cut it off and re attached it to Ukraine for purely subjective personal political reasons.

    The smart thing for Ukraine to do now would be to simply give it back.

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