Queen Elisabeth Knows Best

Nice to be a lunatic:

UnknownElizabeth Farrelly – whose epic sense of personal entitlement is a matter of record – calls for a reining-in:

It’s plain that eco-conscious living involves a reining-in of personal entitlement in the interests of the collective good. This is not socialism. It’s just common sense. (Tim Blair)

No, Elizabeth, weeping for weather is not the same as fighting to free the slaves (Bolt)

Farrelly, a Sydney Morning Herald columnist, preaches what she does not understand and accepts what she does not question. She, like many of her colleagues, wants to feel like a soldier in a great moral battle when she’s actually a traitor in a great intellectual one – the defence of reason.

Buy good shoes:

We want our country back, and we’ll keep marching till we get it back. THAT is why we march!


Scroll through these shots from Canberra’s March in March. COCKTAIL HOUR

marchHere in Australia the intellectual depth and moral caliber of the fans of big-government handouts is on display. This is a world where your intellect and popularity is measured in how much you hate Tony Abbott and Andrew Bolt. (JoAnn Nova)


In other news:

Saudi cleric named Saleh al-Fawzan has issued a fatwa against all-you-can-eat buffets in Saudi Arabia.

 It’s a fatwa against fatsos: BUFFET BAN