The West Stands With The Muslim Brotherhood

West rejects justice in Egypt

Egypt’s El-Minya criminal court recommends death penalty for Muslim Brotherhood operatives; EU’s Ashton disapproves, State Dept. Marie Harff riled:
Reaction to Egypt’s guilty verdicts 
A statement issued by the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan condemns the El Minya court verdict. The statement considers the verdict a political one and the MB victims of military repression because all found guilty and sentenced are fighters for Allah and “democracy.” Meanwhile, in various Egyptian universities, supporters of the banned Muslim Brotherhood are protesting the verdicts.
Catherine Ashton, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the European Union, normally silent on human rights violations against Christians in Egypt, voiced concern over the death sentences as incommensurate with international human rights standards. She noted as well that Washington viewed the evidence and the testimony with skepticism regarding fairness.
Egypt fed up with long history of MB lies, rhetoric and terror
Working for decades to overturn the state and undermining a wave of secularism and human rights advocacy with criminal activity after failing to rule Egypt, a humiliated Muslim Brotherhood now faces the severest penalty allowed by law as a reaction to its ruthless attempt to crush the Egyptian soul and subvert the country to its radicalized whims. (More)

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  1. Someone please tell me WHY these women are so supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood . an organization that wants to dominate and oppress women. I am a very confused women admiring Male.

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