“There’s a problem with my wife”

Not to worry: Yassir Hassan fixed it. And a sympathetic judge gave him a  Muselbonus, how good is that!?


A 54-year-old (Musel-)man stabs his 24-year-old wife more than a dozen times, killing her. Some of her wounds are 14 centimetres deep. The young woman, a mother of three who wed her husband when she was just 16, attempted to shield herself with a blanket as she was repeatedly and viciously knifed.

image Murder victim Mariam Yousif

The man claims in court he was provoked by his wife questioning his manhood. The court accepts this, reducing his charge from murder to manslaughter and sentencing him to just nine years in prison.

This didn’t happen in the Middle East. It happened in Sydney.

UPDATE. The husband’s emergency call:

Hassan stabbed her at least 14 times then called triple-0 and told the operator “There’s a problem with my wife”.

THE mother of a young woman stabbed to death by her husband has pleaded with the O’Farrell government to hasten changes to a law that allowed her daughter’s killer to escape a murder conviction.

Making brutes pay for murder: changes to NSW law are needed now, says the mother of murder victim Mariam Yousif


Mariam Yousif, who converted to Islam to marry her husband at 16, was stabbed 14 times in a “brutal and frenzied” attack inside her Wiley Park unit in 2012.

Her 54-year-old husband, Yassir Hassan, was found guilty of manslaughter instead of murder because he told the court he was provoked by his wife during an argument when she “questioned his manhood”.

Ms Yousif’s mother Hanan Zaki said provocation was a “ridiculous” defence for her daughter’s killer.

Murder victim Mariam Yousif.Murder victim Mariam Yousif. Source: Supplied

She is angry the state government has taken almost a year to act on recommendations from a parliamentary inquiry that would ensure the provocation defence was not used to escape murder charges.

“How many women need to die before this law will change?” Ms Zaki said.

“I need it to change and I need change now. I could not save my daughter but I want to save the life of another woman.”

The parliamentary inquiry was launched after Sydney man Chamanjot Singh was sentenced to six years in prison for slitting his wife’s throat with a box cutter.

He successfully argued he was provoked because his wife, Manpreet Kaur, had threatened to leave him.

In the case of Yassir Hassan, Justice Peter Garling said in his sentencing that the killing happened because Hassan “was provoked into losing his self-control, which explains why he is guilty of the lesser offence of manslaughter and not murder”.

Legislation to change the provocation defence was only introduced to parliament this month and Attorney-General Greg Smith’s office was unable to say whether a date had been set for it to pass.

Ms Zaki said her daughter’s three children, now aged four, six and nine, had asked when she was coming home: “I tell them mummy is in heaven. (They)… will grow up without their mother. He had no right to steal her life from them.”

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  1. This is an honour killing and should be described as such. Wanting to leave a man, dishonours him. His fragile ‘manhood’ was outraged and he had to reclaim his honour by destroying the dishonouring woman. This is a very very serious development in Australia and Justice Peter Garling should be appraised of same.

  2. Good to see Australia is starting down the same road as our mother country Britain. Dhimmi judges in our courts allowing sharia law should be relieved of their positions at once. Give me 5 minutes in a room alone with this piece of Muslim trash and I’ll fix his manhood. Although real men don’t do this sort of thing. Muslims getting special treatment in the Courts just the thin edge of the wedge. Just remember if the Law wont protect us, then we will protect ourselves.

  3. Re: “In the case of Yassir Hassan, Justice Peter Garling said in his sentencing that the killing happened because Hassan “was provoked into losing his self-control, which explains why he is guilty of the lesser offence of manslaughter and not murder”.


    Liberals are racists – they always assume that ONLY White, Western people (including, of course, the Jews in Israel,) are INTELLIGENT enough to be judged guilty of being truly evil, while all their pet “People Of Colour” (including, of course, the “swarthy palestinians,”) just can’t help being violent animals, the poor oppressed little dears, so they’ll always indulge their crimes, much as one ignores the new puppy as it pees on the rugs.


  4. She was 16? When they married,and him “pushing 50” says it all really,this Mohemadian Cult are one bunch of very sick “puppies”

  5. When I lived in London there was a Paki somewhere above us bashing his wife nightly.

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