UK: Curry Princess Whines About Israel

“Jihad in Palestine is not terrorism. Jihad in Palestine is a sacred duty.” — Yusef Rizka, representative of Hamas

Palestinians Muslims Dream of Destroying Israel, Peace Treaty or Not

Arabs  reject Israel’s “Jewish state” demand, call it “peace initiative”

Warsi-Britain has “serious concerns” about Israeli activity in the Palestinian territories, Baroness Warsi has told the House of Lords. The former Liberal Democrat peer also appeared to compare Israel’s activity in the West Bank Judea and Samaria to that of Russia in Crimea.

Note that she has the hide to claim she “speaks for Britain”.  This  Mohammedan agitprop is the UK’s  cuckoo’s egg. Huma Abedin.

Jimmy Carter thinks “Jewish State” means Muslims must convert!

It is mind-boggling that this man was once president.

The head of the Russian republic of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, inaugurated Israel’s largest mosque on Sunday

TOI notes that “The land on which the mosque sits, 3.5 dunams (0.86 acres), was donated by the Israel Land Administration.”

You mean, those bigoted Zionist Israeli Jews allowed Muslims to build a mega-mosque within their borders? But,,,but…everyone knows that they define Israel as a Jewish state and therefore must want to expel all non-Jews! Why would they allow this?

Iran fumes as Canada seizes Iranian assets for terror victims

Iran has rejected a politically-motivated ruling by a Canadian court to seize more than USD 7 million of the Islamic Republic’s assets and properties.– From Iran’s PressTV (Elder of Ziyon)

“Palestinians” may seek membership in world bodies

Under Egyptian Law, He Would Be Hanged

Its one of these “my people, my people” moments:

Muslim Brother Tayyip Erdogan Slams Egypt for Brotherhood Death Penalties

Nine Muselmaniacs  meet virgins  in further Central African attacks

3 thoughts on “UK: Curry Princess Whines About Israel”

  1. Well, as a natural born Englishman I have a lot of concerns about the activity of Warsi in the House of Lords and current government!

  2. Your government isn’t your government; they are paid for and owned sales-puppets of the globalist hegemony of oil-banksters, who are them selves hand-in-glove with the Saudomites in order to maintain low oil prices.

    See, if and when the Saudomites want, they could triple the costs of their oil, or undercut the West by lowering it to almost nothing – since oil is free in the ground, and, being under pressure, even extracts itself, it can be and always will be able to be used as an economic lever to manipulate ALL other markets: since pretty-much everything, including paper, is made from oil, oil is pretty-much a need these days.
    And the price of needs is not subject to the usual supply-and-demand retraints and restrictions imposable on commodities – whenever the supplyu of a need drops, &/or the price increases, people simply CANNOT ignore it! This extortionability is the simple economic basis for islam’s ascent.

    1. On the other hand, if we would stop to protect them militarily, if we were to boycott and embargo their supplies, if the west pulled out all its lackeys and serfs, there would be an instant meltdown. The nasty little desert despots wouldn’t know where to turn.

      But then there are always those who are eager to fill the void; France, the Russians, China would milk it till the end of time.

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