We need to start hurting some Muslim feelings….

Egypt: MuBro’s Bomb Church, Four Dead

Hussein Obama  says the Muslim Brotherhood is misunderstood.

But Egypt and Saudi Arabia have declared the Muslim Brotherhood  a terrorist organization.

Who are we to believe?

Jailed supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi raise the four-finger sign, a symbol of defiance associated with Muslim Brotherhood supporters, during their trial in Alexandria, on March 29:

201433012217422836_8Just because hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters have been sentenced to death for mass-murder and terror they inflicted on the nation after the people’s revolution, doesn’t mean they can’t bomb a church or two. After all, what else can muslims do to ‘defend Islam?’Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood supporters attack church, four dead

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More from the Religion of Peace:

hand-amputation-syria-gOrthodox Muslims in Syria prepare to hack off a man’s hand for theft – as Allah tells them to do in the Quran.

10 Myths about Muslims in the West?  (Jihad Watch)

A Dhimwit apparently discovered that the best way to defend Muslim immigration is by dismissing the evidence rather than contending with it.

Because We are at War  (Creeping Sharia)

As BNI says, it isn’t ‘Islamophobia’ when they really are trying to kill you [in the name of their God].

The Pathological Roots of Islam  (FSM)

Islam is aggressive when it should not be and also passive when it should not be.

The NYT, Political Correctness and Allah  (Algemeiner)

The NY Times colored a piece relating to an attempted terror attack on Israeli troops.

Counter-Terrorism is Politically Incorrect  (Molschky)

Common sense means that Muslims are going to get their feelings hurt if their chosen hosts want to stay safe.

Seeking Peace by Waging War  (American Thinker)

As the deadline for peace approaches, the Palestinian gamesmanship and rocket attacks predictably ramp up.

Allowing Sharia Sets a Dangerous Precedent  (Toronto Sun)

Giving in to Muslim demands leads to a bad place.

CAIR Cancels TV Show  (FSM)

A group founded by Islamic extremists is now dictating what can and can’t be shown during primetime.

Lessons from Leaving Islamic Tyranny  (FrontPage Magazine)

A recent immigrant to the US reminds fellow Muslims that if they don’t like it, no one is forcing them to stay.

The Thighing of Aisha  (Answering Muslims)

This article gets a bit graphic, but the gist is that Islam’s paragon of perfection was only marginally restrained around children.

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