Bleeding Hearts to the Front!


CAR Christian militia blocks Muslims’ escape route

Christian militia forces are blocking the main roads used by Muslim civilians trying to flee Central African Republic to Cameroon and attacking the refugees, the United Nations said on Friday, citing accounts from “traumatised” victims.


Central African Republic

image_update_imgHere we are again, in a place where Koranimals  hijacked a Christian nation, terrorised and murdered the population until a popular revolt dislodged the Muslims from power and paid them back in kind. Whipped into a frenzy, the worlds do-gooders  fall over themselves to call on America and the Europeans to intervene; to spend money, men and materiel to hasten to the rescue of Muselmanic murderers.

Here is Barnaby Phillips paid by al Jizz to cry his heart out for somebody else to pick up the tab.Pathetic:

 Bangui has been all but emptied of Muslims, and the CAR’s social fabric has been ripped apart.

Here’s a Tania Page asking if it is a crime to be a Muslim.

The answer is of course that it is not a crime to be born into the cult, but the moment a Muslim follows the teachings of Muhammad he becomes a criminal. Now shut up and read your Koran!

Muslim-attack-macheteHere: can you see the imam leading the charge against the Christians of CAR?

 86 Dead As Jihadi Rivals Whack Each Other In Syria

Sixty of the dead were fighters of Al-Nusra Front or its Islamist allies killed pushing back their Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) rivals from districts of Albu Kamal they had captured early Thursday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

British Media Persist in Referring to Jihadis as “Charity Workers”

Why not combine the two and call it “humaniterrorism”?

Germany: N*99as in trees?

African woman protests for her right to invade Germany  and get anything she wants for free, by staying up in a tree. Currently she is asking for German medical attention for an injury she sustained while in the tree protesting German immigration issues. (Vlad Tepes)

Pakis vsTalibandits:

12 meet virgins as infighting claims lives

At least 12 killed in clashes between rival groups in South Waziristan as chiefs mull new ceasefire with government.


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  1. The UN only yesterday authorized thousands of troops to help the oppressed muslims combat those aggressive Christian terrorists in the CAR.


  2. Yahoo suspended my account over comments I made about this issue. They do not like anyone telling the truth about the liberal/Islamic agenda regarding Christians fighting back against Muslims in CAR. It’s always ‘sectarian violence’ when Muslims are slaughtering Christians, but always ‘genocide’ when Christians fight back. F’ck Yahoo and the liberal pony it rode in on.

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