Burma: Fresh Riots After Muslim Stabs Buddhist in the Eye


HLEGU, Rangoon Division —

The riot was sparked after a Muslim man allegedly stabbed a Buddhist man in the eye with scissors during a dispute in the public market at about 4:30 pm on Friday. Four Muslim men were reportedly involved in the fight and afterward went to hide in a home. When the police came for their arrest, the homeowner handed over only one of the men, angering a group of Buddhists, who subsequently destroyed the home, according to Myo Win, a Buddhist community leader.

“There would not have been violence if the homeowner handed over all four men,” he said, adding that he had worried the mob might target other Muslim properties in the town, even though the dispute was personal and not related to religion.

Here’s how the Turkish World Bull reports it:

Anti-Muslim riot on outskirts of main Myanmar city

Anti-Muslim rioters wielding sticks and rocks have attacked villagers and houses on the outskirts of Myanmar’s main city of Yangon.