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Don’t celebrate Anzac Day: Hizb ut Tahrir

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Muslims should not celebrate Anzac day because it is a “superficial, jingoistic” date that marks Australian colonial aggression against the Muslim world, according to radical Muslim group Hizb ut Tahrir.Barney Zwartz

Sydney’s “Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies” needs to be shut down. 

Its not Peter Underwoods place as Governor to tell a Government what to fund and what not. If he wants to get political, let him resign his office first.–Peter Underwood is not fit to be Governor of Tasmania

Sydney judge sides with notorious Jew-hater Jake Lynch

Israeli boycott case: court strikes out part of racial discrimination lawsuit: Sydney academic Jake Lynch says judge’s decision a ‘blow’ to legal centre Shurat HaDin’s ‘aim of outlawing BDS in Australia’

Juanita’s carbon footprint

Shut up the sceptics before the truth gets out!

No free speech for people who point out the planet hasn’t warmed for 16 years! Another Fairfax columnist, John Birmingham, fumes:

EVERYONE’S favourite Queensland senator, George Brandis, came over all Voltairean last week, defending to the death the right of complete idiots and knaves to say whatever they want about climate change … Oh sure, let them keep lying their arses off. Because, you know, Voltaire … But let’s not pretend there is a debate over the central question. That ­science is settled and has been for years. We’re killing ourselves and the planet with our civilisational ­addiction to burning fossil fuels for energy. Climate science … is riven with debate and disagreement, but it’s debate and disagreement over the details, not the whole.

Birmingham is the last person who should want ”complete idiots” silenced.

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  1. Muslims telling us we can’t celebrate ANZAC DAY. Deport all Muslims NOW. TO HELL with all Muslims if they go down this path. Muslims in Australia want a WAR. We Will give you one. How dare you even come up with this idea.TO HELL with Islam, To HELL with Muslims, To HELL with Mohammed. NO SURRENDER EVER.

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