Crackpots a dime a dozen…

Florida professor: “As memories of colonialism fade, the idea that Islam is linked to violence will fade with it”

As memories of Woodstock and hippies fade,  tenured halfwits who are mentally stuck in the sixties will fade as well.

RobertLMoore2-300x203Robert L. Moore is a professor of anthropology at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. (There is no cure for wakademic dipshiites like him.)

Senior broadcaster for VOA is former Afghan jihadist; says West should “reintegrate” Syria jihadists

If Masood Farivar had been a former member of the Ku Klux Klan, would the Voice of America have hired him? If he were calling for members of the Aryan Nations to be “reintegrated” into Western society, would the New York Times have given him a platform?

Peter Beinard’s Mental Acrobatics

…in Beinart’s universe, the truth is not as important as what people believe the truth to be. Both sides are the same! Feelings trump facts, and fake history is just as valid as real history because favoring truth over lies can make the liars upset.

 Critical Whiteness Studies at Brock University in Ontario, Canada.

It’s not enough to cancel the future by choking children with the intellectual equivalent of raw sewage. Liberal social engineers have to force their parents to pay for it:

 …until white people admit they have a problem, they will not be able to fight against white privilege.

This must be a particular challenge for the many whites who have been squeezed out of having a job in favor of less-qualified candidates by Affirmative Action.

Here. By Hugh Fitzgerald

These are baby brownshirts. No violence, as yet, and apparently lots of hesitant  giggling, as if they are not quite sure of what it is they are supposed to do, when they invade a building and sit-in for a day or two; .

Those who participated should have been expelled at once. Or, if not at once, had their names taken, and warned that they were all on probation, and that one more such incident would lead to expulsion. For there are many students who would gladly transfer to Dartmouth, and take their places.

As for the man who may be deemed their faculty adviser, one Russell  J. Rickford, you can find out more about his scholarly accomplishments to date — and also  that he’s leaving for Cornell, which says something about the current standards, or possible desperation to Increase Diversity, of the History Department at Cornell — here  And for a few more piquant details about Russell Rickford, see here.