Don't you love it when they blow up each others mosques?

20 dead in Boko Haram’s attack on Nigeria mosque


‘Palestinian’ terrorists hurled four firebombs at a crowded nightclub in Jerusalem’s French Hill neighborhood on Saturday night. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Ironically, French Hill is one of the Jewish neighborhoods into which ‘Palestinians’ seeking to remain in Israel in any eventual ‘settlement’ have been moving over the past several years.–Read the whole thing


Central African Republic

U.N. chief says C. African peacekeepers ‘overwhelmed’


Border Fence Jumping a Human Right?  (Molschky)

Is it really the duty of the Western world to absorb the maladies of the Third World? (TROP)

PuffHo Trash:

New Doc Tells 3,000 Years Of Jewish History (not. Simon Shama’s conflicted libtardry is embarrassing)

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