Droppings of Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Despicable.  The smug Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is  one of these seemingly ‘moderate’ or, if you prefer, “integrated Muslims” who are working diligently towards the demise of the foolish infidels who took her in. Here you find her showing her true colours.


 Brown praises the unhinged grievance monger Arun Kundani, who wrote a book called ‘the Muslims are coming’:

With so many books written by liberals and Neocons on the “Muslim peril”, it is a relief to have an intelligent counter-narrative:

“An intelligent counter-narrative” it is certainly not. Its  simply a confirmation that the Muslim peril is real. But do read on:

 Since 9/11, Muslims have had to pay over and over for crimes committed by fanatic Islamist militants. Our human rights have been snatched; we are watched, hundreds of thousands of our people tortured and murdered by western states or their Muslim stooges. In the “war on terror” anything goes. Kundnani exposes official duplicities and authorised illegal practices including intimidation, the use of agent provocateurs and extra-judicial killings. He tells the stories of the unheard and unseen. Shamuir Rahman, 19, for example, was recruited by the NYPD to push young Muslims into making inflammatory anti-American statements, part of the force’s ‘create and capture’ strategy; Imam Luqman, suspected of advocating insurrections was not tried but shot dead by FBI agents in Detroit.

IMAM-LUQMAN4Imam Luqman was a  criminal thug and gang leader who shot a police-dog dead when they raided his lair. The claim that he was not tried is preposterous. You can’t shoot at the police and claim you didn’t get a ‘fair trial’ when they shoot back.

This is the new wild west, cowboy justice. The UK incarcerates Muslims without any legal process. They, the unnamed, are in a black hole, and don’t know if or when they will be charged or released.

Facts and figures in the book scythe through presumptions and prejudices. I didn’t know that murders in the last decade by the far right exceed those by Jihadis. Or that Republican congressman Peter King who summoned US Muslims to McCarthy-type hearings, was a keen and shouty fundraiser for the IRA in the 1980s.

Arun’s  ‘facts and figures’ are cooked.  And that Peter King was a fundraiser for the IRA makes no difference to the hundred thousand Christians who are  tortured and killed  annually, in lands where Mohammedanism is out of control.

In Islamic circles this crappy book gets praises. The Grunard offers a soapbox to Robin Yassin-Kassab who throws ‘isms’ around like confetti, invokes the 1950’s Mau Mau uprising in Kenya as ‘psycho‑pathological’ and that “ no link has been proved between extremist ideas and terrorist violence.”  He also tell us that “failure to engage with the real roots of violent alienation has ramifications going far beyond security”- go figure: its our fault! We are not submitting fast enough.

Want more? Here’s more of the same from Syed Hamad Ali  who writes almost identical drivel for Gulf News.

Jamil Carswell

In other news:

We not give Navi Pillay a machete and let her join the fun in the Central African Republic?

Navi Pillay appealed to the international community to urgently provide troops to halt crimes which she said included acts of cannibalism and decapitation of children

Hatred between Christians and Muslims in Central African Republic has reached a “terrifying level”, the U.N.’s top human rights official said on Thursday, warning that atrocities were being carried out with impunity.

Far more Christians are murdered and  terrorised by Mohammedan head choppers in Nigeria and many other countries in Africa. But you never hear a word  about it from this egregious Tamil turd.

New Jersey: Muslims appeal ruling that NYPD surveillance was legal

New Jersey: Muslims appeal ruling that NYPD surveillance was legal

The Muslim groups that brought this suit in the first place had tremendous media sympathy, and they still ended up losing in court. They ran up against a judge who sensibly observed that “the police could not have monitored New Jersey for Muslim terrorist activities without monitoring the Muslim community itself.” And that is the […]  Continue Reading »

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  1. “Muslims have had to pay over and over for crimes committed by fanatic Islamist militants.”

    Really? Name one example?

    Pre9/11, no one new much about Islam or cared. Post 9-11/Bali/Madrid/7/7/Glasgow airport/Fort Hood/Boston Bombing/Nairobi bomb shooting and over twenty thousand other example of murder.

    You have the attention you so desperately wanted, there was no guarantee you would like the outcome.

    Stop whinging, you pathetic bunch of babies.

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