It is increasingly easy for Libyans to be granted a Schengen visa…

Not all Libyans who arrive in Malta as tourists return home.

Libyan Khaled Baara was granted asylum in Malta after he converted to Christianity

It is increasingly easy for Libyans, who see Malta as a soft entry point into Europe, to apply for and be granted a Schengen visa. “The greatest numbers of applications by far, are for Schengen visas to Malta, with not less than 200 applications being received daily,” explained Mshihit, adding that approval rates for these visas sit between 80 and 90 percent. Both VFS and the Maltese Embassy in Tripoli are aware of possible visa fraud, keeping a lookout for sham companies, falsified invitation letters and fraudulent agents.

“At the end of the day, it’s an income for Malta, especially as the European economy is not doing well,” Mshihit said.

Its not an income for European taxpayers, who are forced to pay for this.

An increasing number, mostly young adult males, either overstay their visas or utilise Malta as a springboard to other Schengen countries. This trend is also common among Syrian refugees, who travel to Libya and then onwards to Malta and other Schengen countries where they hope to seek asylum.  (Asylum from Islam? al Jizz has the story)