Pat Condell is Offended by Islam (as we all should be…)

PAT CONDELL is even more offended by Islam than ever before

Time to start suing Muslims for causing the civilized world to be perpetually offended. (BNI))

Why does the ABC assume all ethnic minorities are represented by the Left?

Rita Panahi: (Andrew Bolt)

ONE of the perils of being a member of an ethnic minority, particularly one of a Middle Eastern background, is that your representatives in the media have a habit of completely misrepresenting you. It’s not just that these self-appointed spokesmen, invariably men, have certain agendas and attitudes that are often not compatible with modern Australian life but they are so utterly, predictably of a single political persuasion.

The worst tend to be the religious representatives… And yet despite the more unhinged elements, it is the seemingly reasonable, rational commentators, who make a living it the media, who most consistently miss the mark… Among the non-ethnic population,… the only ethnic commentators given a voice, particularly on taxpayer-funded ABC and SBS, tend to belong to far-Left fringe-dwellers.

Take Waleed Aly, who in the aftermath of the Boston bombings described terrorism as a “perpetual irritant” before wrongly opining about the “very real suspicion that the perpetrators here are self-styled American patriots”.

Incredibly, a bloke who can dismiss terror attacks in which children are blown up as a mere “irritant” and “grotesque theatre” was sent into fits of conniptions in the Fairfax papers because the Abbott Government is sticking by its election promise to repeal section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Good for him, but please don’t think for a second that he represents me or others in our wider community. Frankly I find his views as deeply flawed and offensive as the redneck simpletons with the “we grew here, you flew here” mindset.

It’s a common mistake to assume all ethnic minorities must be on the same page on a particular issue. One would hope that author and journalist George Megalogenis would appreciate the complexities of the migrant population a little better than most, but not judging by a tweet he sent after the Abbott Government reintroduced knights and dames to the Australian honours system. Megalogenis wrote: “More than half of Oz population is either immigrant or Indigenous. Government introduces Imperial honours and bigots’ rights. Weird stuff.”

What’s truly weird is the assumption that migrants dislike the royal family and want their freedom of speech curtailed. The Queen is hugely popular with large sections of the migrant community…

It’s not just the ethnic commentators who misrepresent minority groups. As a migrant I’ve got an endless array of eternally outraged middle-class self-loathing white Australians from Fairfax and the ABC speaking for me…

The migrant population is not a homogenous body…. Research conducted at Australian National University has shown that while Asian migrants tend to support Labor, Eastern Europeans favoured the Coalition… The overriding finding into migrants’ voting habits showed the children and grandchildren of migrants have the same diverse range of political views as the broader Australian population.

Yet to find an ethnic leader who isn’t singing from the Labor/Greens hymn book is rare .