Rape and Sharia Banking in Bendigo


…you can Bendigo Bank on it!


Larry Pickering

Bendigo is a beautiful Victorian town steeped in Aussie gold-rush history and treasured as an inland jewel by its inhabitants, well by most of them.

Unfortunately a minority of Islamic guests of this iconic town believe it’s quite acceptable to repeatedly rape a young mother of two because it’s quite legal to do that back home.

And back home the poor mother may well have been stoned to death for the lack of four witnesses.

Three Islamic youths denied the charges of rape, attempted rape and indecent assault, forcing the case to a contested hearing requiring the young mother to re-live the nightmare.

A Children’s Court heard that none was remorseful and one even believes he is innocent.

IN other news:

Each of the teenagers received the maximum penalty available of three years in a “youth detention centre” and will probably be free and searching for their next victim within a year.

Three other youths involved in the attack, Mohammed Elnour, 19, Akoak Manon, 19, and Mohammed Zaoli, 22, (apologies if the names sound unfairly middle-eastern) all appeared in the Bendigo Magistrates Court charged with a long list of sex offences stemming from the vicious gang rape.

Evidence in footage retrieved from Zaoli’s phone recorded a woman’s voice yelling “no” and “stop”.

But Islam showed its more gentle side when the six youths allowed the mother to check on her two sleeping children before they resumed raping her.

In court the family of the 21 year old woman became emotional as the charges were read out, trying to hold back tears as they sat in the gallery.

In front of them sat the accused about to enjoy re-living the graphic evidence.

Judge Maidment found two of the teenagers, one aged 14 at the time, guilty of four counts of rape and one count of false imprisonment. The other was found guilty of one count of indecent assault.

The judge said the two teenagers had been the instigators of the gang rape and had shown a callous disregard for the emotional and physical welfare of the victim.

He said the attack had involved “serious acts of gang violence” which had caused substantial on-going harm to the mental well-being of the victim and her husband.

The teenagers had shown no remorse.

The judge said he would expect two of the teenagers to rape again if the opportunity arose.

“It is likely both of you would take more care to avoid detection if engaged in similar conduct again,” he said.

Incredibly, a jury found Mohammed Saeed Elnour and Mohammed Hussain Zaoli (the germ who filmed the entire rape) had no case to answer and prosecutors have decided not to appeal the decision.

I guess the jury and prosecutors all have accounts at the Bendigo Bank which is promoting the planned Bendigo mosque.

7 thoughts on “Rape and Sharia Banking in Bendigo”

  1. Why do we tolerate this filth in this country? The PC media will excuse it all away, siding with the aggressors while ignoring or minimising the victim’s plight. All because it will outrage the Muslim community, who quietly will pat the boys on the back while making noises about justice…

    I remember the sickening gang rape in Sydney a few yeara ago, alike the overwhelming majority of such heinous crimes, also conducted by Muslim youths who showed absolutely no remorse. And the local imam questioned whether the girl brought it on herself.

    Do not be fooled, the locals against this mosque know exactly the sort of teaching that goes on behind the walls, and they become rally points for all sorts of extremist aggression and a focal point for a Muslim community to gather around until the area becomes an enclave. It happens time and time again across the West, but we are too stupid to call a spade a spade and stand up against this creeping evil that is Islam.

  2. No – we are certainly not too stupid to name this menace for what it is.

  3. Time in juvenile detention for filming a homeless man having dish washing liquid poored over him..Goulburn NSW. Do how on earth can they say no case to answer to for filming rape?????!!!!!!

  4. Jen, if you film the rape you are not actually participating. It is sad but true that many rapists plead not guilty on the basis that the victim will not give evidence in court and, on this occasion, were proven wrong. My heart goes out to her but she is a strong brave individual who should survive this.

    I do not think that sentences for rape are ever enough, it is one of the worst crimes against a person that can happen.

  5. If they cant live within our laws then send them back to where there families came from We dont want them here

  6. Why is it they get detained send the ungrateful sods back to their own country with a stipulation they are never to be allowed back in Australia or any other part of the world. This is deemed acceptable where they come from let them live there no other civillised country wants them

  7. I agree if you are found guilty of any crime send them back to their own country!

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