"The EU found the real danger to world peace – Israel."

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman offered sarcasm in response to EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton’s plea to Israel on Friday to “reverse” actions it took against the Palestinians.

“While the whole world is working to try to solve the crisis in Ukraine; while in Syria innocent people are still being slaughtered on a daily basis; while mass terror attack continue striking Iraq; and while there are many other areas of conflict that claims human lives around the globe – the European Union’s foreign policy chief found the real danger to world peace,” Lieberman wrote in a post on his Facebook page on Friday evening.

“It’s a good thing the European Union knows how to diagnose the world’s critical issues and deal with them swiftly and determinedly,” he added.

Why would Britain help Muselmanic savages  to set up an Islamic regime in Syria?

You can read, and also read between the lines, here.

His uncle was held at Guantanamo, until released back into the wilds of Tripoli.

His father says that he died as a martyr, wanting to help people. He died fi sabil Allah, in the Path of God Allah — that is, fighting to defeat those deemed the enemies of Islam, the Infidels. —‘He did a brave thing’ says father of Briton killed in Syria  (HF)

taliban martyr“Brave thing”

Father of teenage fighter killed in Syria calls on UK to arm rebels

Syrian rebels must be gifted arms by the British government to overthrow Bashar al-Assad following the death of a Brighton teenager in the conflict

 “Nobody’s intervening to stop the massacres there, this made him think of [this] action,” Mr Deghayes, who fled Col Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya to bring up his family in Britain. “British government should, if they want to help, step up the effort to stop Bashar and stop his killing machine, which is making this whole problem. …

His son was one of the ‘killing machine’


In other news:

Harry Reid vs “Domestic Terrorists”

ONCE AGAIN Harry Reid Calls Bundy Ranch Supporters “Domestic Terrorists” GWP)

Marx, the guiding light

Top Socialist Economist Says He’s Been Working With Democrats & Obama “For A Long Time”

French socialism as a model for America? LOL!


Jews ordered to register in Ukraine “face deportation, citizenship revoked and see their assets confiscated”

 Canada-Saudi arms deal has ‘significant risk’

“Under Canada’s own guidelines, this sale should not have gone forward, and in the future similar sales should not go forward”-As Canada prepares to ship $10bn worth of LAVs to Saudi Arabia, critics urge Ottawa to cease arming repressive regimes.


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