The jihad never stops….

Terrorism in the UK: Social media is now the biggest jihadi training camp of them all

One day, what was once great Britain, will be totally integrated:

Unable to control online radicalism, police have little option but to plead with Muslim women to dissuade their menfolk from enlisting

India: Foreign Women in Miniskirts Drive Islamic Headbangers Nuts

Miniskirts enrage Mohammedans around the Jama Masjid in Central Delhi so much that they can’t help themselves any other way but to make bombs and blow shiite up. Doesn’t make much sense to you and me but the soldiers of allah are conditioned to hate uncovered women and non Muslims. So who are we to judge?

Brunei set to implement sharia law

The Sultanate of Brunei will officially enact the first phase of sharia law during a ceremony on April 30. (Radio Australia via Q-Society)

In the year 2014 Brunei introduces Islam’s medieval penal code with stoning, hanging and chopping of hands, and ABC (yes OUR ABC) calls this “conservative” Islam.

If this is “conservative” at the ABC, then what is Tony Abbott’s government for the Bollinger Bolsheviks at “our” ABC?

Where are the street protests from Greens, Socialists and all other self-appointed human rights advocates? …See More

5410576-3x2-700x467It’d be interesting to see if this mad sultan will have his own brother stoned to death, the one who squandered billions on yachts and up to hundred whores at a time….. (More)

Now you know:

Al-Qaeda Praises Snowden for Helping Terror Org Avoid U.S. Surveillance

According the Middle East Media Research Institute, as a result of the Edward Snowden security leaks, Al Qaeda has changed its communication methods and altered its encryption practices to sidestep NSA surveillance. Al Qaeda began using some encryption in 2007 but altered its encryption methods and ended its sharing of email addresses and other contact information once Snowden leaked information on NSA spying techniques.

Sheila Jackson Lee: Deporting Illegal Immigrants Is ‘Inhumane And Cruel’

Deporting her to Africa would be an act of kindness.

The worst outcome?

Op-ed: The bi-national state nightmare – within a short period of time, we will become landlords of millions of Palestinians. We will take care of their sewage, schools and kindergartens, and they will take care of terror. (Ynetnews)


The End Of The “Palestinians”

Abbas, at the end of his ropey evasions, did as Arafat did in refusing to accept the fantastic (and for Israel terrible) deal he was once offered, found a way out — to publicly join forces with Hamas. (Photo: Reuters)

Kerry Says “The International Community” Is United Against Russia

What a stupid man.


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  1. Since when did women have any say on what men can and cannot do?
    This must be the moderate muslim families we keep hearing about.

    At last – light at the end of the tunnel.

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