Who Fears the Muslim POTUS?



Seven IslamistsMohammedan headbangers Blown Up Prematurely at Mosque While Preparing IEDs

Seven zebiba boys were blown up in an easter Ghazni mosque while making improvised explosive devices. Khaama Press reported, (GWP)

Obamster BS Exposed:

Breaking: CIA Station Chief in Libya Told Obama Administration No Protest Occurred

Posted by Jim Hoft (GWP)

The CIA station chief in Libya told his superiors that no protest occurred before the attack on the consulate in Benghazi. This clearly implicates the White House and Susan Rice with misrepresenting the truth to the American public.
rice five liesObama lackey Susan Rice told five different news organizations that the Benghazi attack started as a protest over an obscure YouTube video. This was not true.



National Science Foundation Wastes $700,000 on Play Promoting Global Warming Hoax

Like all government agencies, the National Science Foundation is primarily tasked with wasting our money in a way that advances the left-wing ideology that has been destroying the country.  Likewise, NASA has pretty much given up on the Final Frontier, devoting itself instead to churning out neo-Marxist propaganda and pandering to Muslims.

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Surrendering America

Obama was elected as an antidote to all the flags liberals were forced to look at following 9/11. He was the anti-American candidate, elected to take the Last Best Hope down a few pegs. Credit where it’s due — Obama has come through. Four appalling examples of his deliberate weakening of America are the Internet, the military, energy policy, and NASA.

World Peace Through Equal Redistribution of Race Cards

Haircut_Putin_Obama_Race_CardWhat if the answer to world peace is not, in fact, global redistribution of wealth, but global redistribution of hair follicles? Granted, this theory isn’t any better or worse than all the other unproven theories that are guiding today’s world politics, but this is exactly why we should give it a try. – See more at the Peoples Cube