Allahu akbaring 'passenger' threatens to blow up plane in Kosovo

Kosovo. That’s where Shrillary ducked sniper fire. And Slick Willie bombed the Christians to establish a Mohammedan narco- jihad fiefdom right smack in the middle of Europe.

Passenger 'threatens to blow up Swiss plane'The plane was reportedly operated by Helvetic Airways, though the carrier declined to either admit or deny involvement. Photo: Helevtic Airways

Passenger ‘threatens to blow up Swiss plane’

The Local

A passenger  Muselmaniac threatened to blow up a plane carrying 150 people from Zurich to Pristina on Sunday, according to a report from Kosovo cited by the Swiss press.

The passenger, described as a man about 35 years old, brandished a cigarette lighter and a bottle filled with liquid and shouted threats, Italian-language Ticino newspaper 20 Minuti said on Monday. (More)


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