Christian School Gives Hijabees the Shoe

Muselmanic shenanigans:
Two student teachers tried to force  freedom sack mummenschantz on a Christian College. The principal pulled the plug,  but will he hold up under pressure? The Koranimals will not let this go; and the moonbat support industry will throw the usual hissy fits.
The Daily Mail:

From the Courier Mail of Brisbane – yet another reason I admire Australia (by Esmerelda Weatherwax)

THE principal of a Christian College has come under fire for transferring two student teachers after they turned up for work dressed in traditional Muslim headwear.The two women, in their final year of a teaching degree, had started a work placement at Redlands College this year.

In a newsletter addressed to the school’s parents on Tuesday, principal Mark Bensley outlined his reasons for dismissing the pair, explaining he had acted out of a “duty of care”.

“I have a duty of care to ensure that those teaching at the College are actively supporting the Christian principles, practices and beliefs of the College,” he wrote. “I see the wearing of the hijab as openly acting in a manner that is contrary to or inconsistent with these principles, practices and beliefs.”

Please write Mr Mark Bensley a note of support:

Section 25 of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 allows employers to enforce a “genuine occupational requirement that workers act in a way that is consistent with the religious beliefs of the school”. According to Independent Schools Queensland executive director David Robertson, Redlands College was within their rights to dismiss the two student teachers.

But that has done little to calm the Muslim community, with Islamic College of Brisbane principal Mubarak Noor disappointed by the news. “This is not good news, it’s a matter of concern to me,” he said.

The majority of the comments support the headmaster.


10 thoughts on “Christian School Gives Hijabees the Shoe”

  1. Definitely give them the heave-ho and expel the lot from Australia.

    Using the book MUSLIM MAFIA.PDF on Page 87/8 as a reference point to what is in the Qur’an


    Contrary to what muslims want non-muslims to believe these two groups do NOT share a common God.

    Arab Muslims believe they are descendants of Abraham’s son Ishmael, while Jews and Christians believe they descended from Isaac—Abraham’s other son, who was favored by God in the story of the Bible.

    Muslims also believe their deity told Abraham to sacrifice Ishmael, not Isaac, as a test of his faith. They even celebrate Abraham’s obedience—and Ishmael’s willingness to be sacrificed for the sake of Allah—each year by sacrificing livestock on Eid al-Adha. (In fact, the throats of hundreds of goats are slit in Muslim enclaves across America – and now (UNFORTUNATELY) in most western countries – During their annual festival.)

    This is no minor theological point. The Bible says God chose to establish his covenant with Abraham and Sarah’s son Isaac, instead of Ishmael, the son of the slave girl Hagar. In fact, God banished Ishmael—described in the Bible as “a wild donkey of a man” whose “hand will be against everyone”—to the desert.

    Here’s another fundamental difference: Unlike the God of the Bible, Allah does not recognize Jews as his chosen people.

    This why all muslims have to be quickly expelled from any Western Countries.

  2. funny how they choose to remain slaves while Abraham & Moses were called friends of G-d. & Christians call themselves children of G-d. & so it is.

  3. JD and harbi, theological arguments only work within yourself or those like you. If a Muslim can get you into a theological argument, he’s won and you’ve lost. It’s time that Christians and Jews catch onto this.

    There is only one argument that works with Muslims … force.

  4. Pray ….
    I was not conducting a theoretical argument – I was expressing reality.
    (which if revealed/reported muslims claims is slander)

    That is why the final line in my ‘Submit’ was ….
    All muslims have to be quickly expelled from all Western Countries.
    – no compromise – no conciliation.
    (also expelled is their Assister/Enabler Dhimmi Politicians and Political Appointees – but only after these Dhimmis have satisfied their incarceration periods for Treason and Sedition)

  5. Pray ….
    – additionally there are two expelled
    – expelled or ‘expelled’

  6. Islamic College of Brisbane principal Mubarak Noor disappointed by the news. “This is not good news, it’s a matter of concern to me,” he said.+++++++++++++ I wonder if he would welcome a couple of Christian teachers wearing above knee skirts and average style Western dress? I’m sure he would insist that they dressed in a manner acceptable to his islamic principles. This is islamic hardliners attempting to invade a Christian school, force their views on the school and create an incident.

  7. While I absolutely agree with these comments, I have to take exception to the inclusion of the above photo of alledgedly burka-wearing Muslimas. These “garments” are not the same as the hijabs which were worn by the Redlands College student teachers. Let’s be accurate here.

  8. Congrats to this Headmaster for immediately showing some spine . As Pat Condell often says , the political class run inane commentary on ‘moderate Islam’ as any admission that the ideology is antithetical to Western life will mean they finally have to do something ! and the crickets keep chirping

  9. irrespective of either being . . . .
    burka-wearing muslim women or men
    Who can tell – perhaps the bag being shouldered by the bag !?!

    hijab-wearing muslim women

    hijab-wearing muslim men

    muslim women wearing heavily stylised hijabs

    A muslim man and his zabeeba/zebiba (raisin)

    Irrespective of – They remain CRIMINAL muslims.
    Who are islam submitters and are obeying (and/or will obey) their “sacred” texts demands and commands.
    “To kill all non-muslims”

    Even the peaceful muslim next door is waging jihad by any of four methods ((Bill Warner)….
    1. Sword
    2. Mouth
    3. Pen
    4. Money

    This is why all muslims living in the West
    – it is suggested you leave
    – if not – you are to be expelled
    – and if you are reluctant about this
    – then you will be ‘expelled’.

    One final link ….
    is zaky mallah hiding a raisin!

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