Demented Swine: "the Skaf Rape Gang were victims because of their appearance and ethnic background…"

The Sydney Moonbat Herald runs with it. These dhimmi fools are whitewashing  a Mohammedan rape spree that made headlines around the world, that  left many victims with psychological scars to last them a lifetime. The audacity to portray themselves as victims of their own crime is also  a very deeply rooted Mohammedan characteristic.


Iran: Men have the right to rape unveiled women

A new play tackles the impact on young men, writes Andrew Taylor.

#Three Jerks: The view from the other side

Luke Carman, Peter Polites and Michael Mohammad Ahmad will perform in #ThreeJerks. Luke Carman, Peter Polites and Michael Mohammad Ahmad will perform in #ThreeJerks. Photo: Tamara Dean

It is a provocative position to take. But Michael Mohammed Ahmad says the series of gang rapes committed in western Sydney in 2000 by a group of teenagers led by Bilal Skaf was not the simple story told by the media.

‘‘With the gang rapes I think what never came out was there were men who were also victims of those crimes.’’

Those male victims were young, predominantly Arab-Australian men like Ahmad, living in Sydney’s western suburbs who were portrayed as capable of committing the same heinous crimes perpetrated by the Skaf gang because of their appearance and ethnic background.

Ahmad and fellow writers Peter Polites and Luke Carman explore the effects of these crimes and the media’s coverage in #Three Jerks, which they will perform at the Sydney Writers’ Festival on May 24 and Melbourne’s Emerging Writers’ Festival on May 30.

The play features three interlocking stories of young men living in Sydney’s west, beginning with Polites’ gay Greek man working in an adult bookshop in Newtown. Carman follows with a tale of an armed robbery before Ahmad describes the culture of Punchbowl Boys High School at the time of the gang rapes.

Ahmad says crimes like the gang rapes were used to demonise young men of Arab-Australian background and portray western Sydney as a war zone of ethnic and religious tension.

In response, these young men adopted the menacing, violent caricatures they saw of themselves on television and in newspapers, cheering when they were described as rapists and terrorists in a play.

‘‘I’m not saying it only made their lives hard. I think it really messed with their heads,’’ Ahmad says. ‘‘I think it really brought out a lot of the misogyny and patriarchy and sexism that were built into those places.’’

Polites says #Three Jerks looks at how the media constructed the behaviour of these teenagers that, in turn, affected the lives of other young men in western Sydney. The play also examines how ‘‘Leb’’ has become a pejorative term rather than a description of a person’s background.

‘‘We’re not making a positive show,’’ Polites says. ‘‘What I think this show is saying is it’s so complex. We don’t have the answers but we’re actually making this issue complex.’’

Produced by SWEATSHOP: Western Sydney Literacy Movement based at the University of Western Sydney, the play is interspersed with news items such as a 2006 sermon by Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali in which he criticised immodestly dressed women who don’t wear Islamic headdress and compared them to abandoned “meat” that attracts voracious animals. Also featured is then-NSW premier Bob Carr’s infamous reaction to a 2003 shooting murders in Greenacre: ‘‘My message is simple: obey the law in Australia or ship out of Australia.”

These news flashes are designed to reinforce the strong presence of the media, which Ahmad likens to a father: ‘‘There were moments when he showed you love, but most of the time he was pissed off at you.’’

Ahmad says the fears and prejudices against Arab-Australian men still exist, with the recent release of two of the gang rapists reviving harmful, racist stereotypes.

‘‘Since these issues have resurfaced, it’s our duty as young, educated men from the region to engage in it and to offer a complex analysis,’’ he says.

The complexities of race and religion may not be appreciated by everyone but Ahmad and his co-writers make no apology for the provocations offered in #Three Jerks.

‘‘We make it part of our work to be agitators when we sit on panels or produce works,’’ he says. ‘‘I think for us the term jerk began to embody characteristics we’re very proud of.’’

‘‘For us it meant being a radical, being an advocate, being an agitator.’’

#Three Jerks is on at Wharf Theatre 2 on May 24 at 3pm as part of the Sydney Writers’ Festival.

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  1. They should call themselves the three Jerk Offs. Start Deporting Muslims Now, We don’t want any of you here.

  2. the skaf trial day 13 , the mother of bilal skaf stood up in court and cryed , “BUT THEY ARE ONLY CHRISTIANS , THEY DONT MATTER ” and in that you have the whole ideology of the culture , rape is ok as long as they aint muslims being raped ( or sunni muslims at least as they also raped a shi’a girl but she never gave evidence like most of the victims , initially there where 14 witness’s against them all victims , but after many suspect house fires drive by shootings and attacks on family members it dropped to 4 , then later they attacked more and made appeals knowing that there would be less witness’s , until in the end there was only one , one brave girl who refused to be bowed or cowed by these animals , this is islam , this is the evil and anyone promoting or protecting this is a traitor to this nation and needs removing either physically or through executions

  3. Congratulations JJ – you have just nailed reality – the majority of the Australian Politicians being Cowardly Treasonous Seditious Dhimmis.

    There is absolutely no way these Politicians and Political appointees (food for Detritivores) do not know what they are doing in Assisting and Enabling Islam in Australia.

    These Assisters and Enablers of Islam just have to be (very quickly) incarcerated then expelled from Australia along with all the muslims (including all the converts – islam considers them to be “reverts”) – followed (also very quickly) by the total destruction of all mosques.

    Thankfully there is now a huge growth in awareness by non-muslims that there is no such thing as radical or hi-jacked islam – there is only one islam and it is vile ideology and definitely NOT a religion.

    Here is a link to the free pdf version of a book “Muslim Mafia”.

    An item of particular interest to non-muslims (and hated by muslims) in this book is the list of whopper/lies propogated by muslims – and in particular the A BIG LIE“Allah is the same God worshipped by Christians and Jews”A BIG LIE lie

    CAIR = Council on American–Islamic Relations.
    (a muslim organisation founded in the US and concerned with islamic disinformation to non-muslims – meaning they knowingly tell lies)

    Page 87

    WHOPPER NUMBER 3: CAIR also claims “Allah is the same God worshipped by Christians and Jews.” In fact, the group says, “Muslims love and revere Jesus.”52

    Many Americans have fallen for this Allah-God fallacy, including former President Bush [REALLY! – that’s gotta be a big lie], who not long after 9/11 said of Muslims, “I believe we worship the same God.” [and another big lie]

    ….Neither Christians nor Jews worship the same deity as Muslims, nor do Muslims worship the same God as the “People of the Book,” and this is apparent from even a cursory reading of their sacred texts.

    ….But don’t be misled. Here are the facts:
    • Islam rejects the central tenet of Christianity—that Jesus is divine and part of the Trinity.
    • The Quran calls those who assign “partners” to Allah “blasphemers” who will roast in Hell.
    • According to the Quran, Jesus was just a “messenger” and mortal like Muhammad.
    • Muslims don’t believe Jesus died on the cross, and the Quran clearly denies he was crucified.
    • Muslims do believe Jesus will return at the end of time. But here’s the part CAIR and other missionaries leave out of their proselytizing pitch:
    On the Judgment Day, the Muslim Jesus will descend from Heaven and slaughter the Christian Jesus with a spear, along with all the Jewish “pigs.” He’ll also “break all crosses,” confirming Islam as the only true religion.

    ….Islamist doctrine also holds that all people were born Muslim, but due to the fault of their parents, most are not taught Islam. When they finally see the “truth,” they “revert” back to Islam.

    ….Besides the Jesus-Mary stratagem, CAIR also uses the “Abrahamic faiths” pitch to entice non-Muslims to cross over to Islam. But it beards the truth as well.

    ….CAIR argues that we are all children of Abraham; and since we share a common ancestry, we share a common God.

    ….But CAIR knows full well that Arab Muslims believe they are descendants of Abraham’s son Ishmael, while Jews and Christians believe they descended from Isaac—Abraham’s other son, who was favored by God in the story of the Bible.

    ….Muslims also believe their deity told Abraham to sacrifice Ishmael, not Isaac, as a test of his faith. They even celebrate Abraham’s obedience—and Ishmael’s willingness to be sacrificed for the sake of Allah—each year by sacrificing livestock on Eid al-Adha. (In fact, the throats of hundreds of goats are slit in Muslim enclaves across America during their annual festival.)

    ….This is no minor theological point. The Bible says God chose to establish his covenant with Abraham and Sarah’s son Isaac, instead of Ishmael, the son of the slave girl Hagar. In fact, Godbanished Ishmael—described in the Bible as “a wild donkey of a man” whose “hand will be against everyone”—to the desert.

    ….Here’s another fundamental difference: Unlike the God of the Bible, Allah does not recognize Jews as his chosen people

    and one final word – expel – or if necessary ‘expel’ !

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