Farage on a roll….

1/3 of Voters Believe David Cameron Has Undermined Christianity

Wow. I didn’t know there were so many Christians left in once great Britain….


The cheque is in the Mail:

The Daily Mail’s About-Face on Farage, Immigrants, and its Own Articles


In other news:

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  2. ‘Trojan horse’ teacher breaks into girl’s phone
  3. Watch: BBC News’ Boko Haram In-Depth Report
  4. Infographic: Boko Haram Violence Since 2011
  5. Western and African Coalition Vows ‘Total War’ Against Boko Haram

Offended by Farage?

Not. Offended by the despicable Milibandits and their self-serving Marxism? Yes, and yes again.

Miliband: Farage’s Romanian comments are deeply offensive

Nigel Farage is not racist but his comments are deeply offensive, says Ed Miliband

Mindless drivel about a ‘better way to defeat UKIP’

Clearly the Clegg-Farage debates were the breaking point. The catastrophic failure of Nick Clegg’s attempt to defend the official pro-European case has caused the mainstream parties to give up any prospect of winning the rational argument. So they are now reduced simply to smear and shame by association.


Laughable hashtivism

Salma Hayek stands out with dress, message at Cannes | GulfNews.com

The Oscar-nominated actress carried a sign with the hashtag ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ as she walked in front of a throng of cameras to a preview of her animated film The Prophet on Saturday. …


2 thoughts on “Farage on a roll….”

  1. “Wow. I didn’t know there were so many Christians left in once great Britain….”

    There are, but many of them have been increasingly put off by the happy clappyness of the Anglican church. Thus, many have stopped going to church.

    Also, in the late seventies, I think , the church started ripping out the beautiful wooden pews in some churches (and sadly, they are still doing it today.) and replaced the pews with cheap and at times plastic chairs, believing the plastic chairs were a leveler of sorts, and would make people feel equal. Somewhere, out there, their is a mini-documentary (around 2006 or 2007) about this subject of the Anglican church trying to create some perverted new age environment through destroying the old interior furniture and replace it with “modern” chairs a la plastic.

    There is a deep symbolism in there some place relating to the self destruction of the old and replacing it with a cheap plastic imitation. SMH.

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