India: Modi says India must accommodate Hindu migrants from Bangladesh, will sent Muslim ‘infiltrators’ back

Astounding Victory for Modi in India Election

Despite what the cretins in the media and the Islamic apologists in the political arena tell you, there is major change afoot.   (Pamela Geller)

Supporters of Hindu nationalist Modi, prime ministerial candidate for India's main opposition BJP, shower confetti from atop a bus in Ahmedabad

As a result, Muselmaniacs are preparing for jihad:

 “Let him touch a single one of them. We will rock Delhi,”

Reports suggest that there are about 20 million Bangladeshi immigrants in India at present, but there are no reliable figures.

In south Assam, Modi said Hindu migrants from Bangladesh must be accommodated in the country, while the others (Muslims) should be sent back.

“We have a responsibility toward Hindus who are harassed and suffer in other countries. Where will they go? India is the only place for them. We will have to accommodate them here…”

702105-modiAFP-1398807366-900-640x480Modi also referred to Hindus being “harassed” in other countries. “Where will Hindus harassed in Fiji go? Where will those harassed in Mauritius go? Where will those harassed in the US go? Naturally they will have to come to India,” he said.


In other news:

‘Christians In Turkey Are Second-Class Citizens’

They sure are. They are dhimmies.

Turkey has almost 80 million inhabitants. There are only around 120,000 Christians, which is less than 1 percent of the population. Christians are certainly seen as second-class citizens. A real citizen is Muslim, and those who aren’t Muslim are seen as suspicious. Christians aren’t equal.

Dumber than dirt:

Hundreds of demonstrators “Jews against Zionism” protest against Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni’s visit to London and call for her to be prosecuted for war crimes.

Israel bans Raed Salah from entering West Bank

Israeli authorities say Salah’s presence in the West Bank “poses a threat to Israeli security and foments anti-Israel sentiments,” according to the movement.

Thousands flee Iraq army assault on rebel-held Falluja

The “rebels” in this case are, you probably guessed it, righteous Sunni Muslims, also known as al Qaeda operatives who reject the rule of the shiite majority.

Since May 6 at least 55 people have been killed in Falluja, according to medical sources. The dead include civilians and fighters. More than 1,100 families – an estimated 6,000 people – fled the shelling

Thousands of civilians have fled Falluja since last week after the Iraqi military intensified shelling in a new bid to crush a five-month old Sunni uprising, killing scores of people in what residents describe as massive indiscriminate bombardment. (World Bull/News Desk has more)

Plenty of action, wherever you look:

In Syria. And on the border, too.

In Libya.

In Lebanon.

In Pakistan.