Insolent Turks, Climate Terror & Geert Wilders

Dutch firms no longer welcome in Saudi Arabia because of Geert Wilders

Dutch firms no longer welcome in Saudi Arabia because of Geert Wilders

Because of these multimillion dollar contracts the Dutch establishment hates Wilders guts. Money has no morals, and self-preservation is not on the agenda. Not yet.

The Saudis are angry with Wilders because of the uncomfortable truths he tells about Islam, and no longer will deal with Dutch companies. Very well. It’s just a shame that Dutch companies, and others in the rapidly diminishing free world, haven’t told the Saudis long ago that as long as the Kingdom denies basic rights […]Continue Reading »

Islamic supremacist scumbags:

Insolent Turkey rejects compensation for the invasion of Cyprus, blames Israelfor violations on the Palestinians”.

Dr. Daud Abdullah, the Deputy Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, has criticized the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for its “double-standards on Turkey and Israel.

Dr. Daud Abdullah doubted that the verdict and Turkey’s refusal to pay the compensation would have an affect on Turkey-EU relations. “European economies are already threatened with destabilisation because of events in Ukraine. They can ill-afford, therefore, to ostracise Turkey, which is not only a major economic partner but a key member of NATO,” he said.

The German Social Affairs Minister of the North Rhine-Westphalia state, Guntram Schneider, has called for a planned visit by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to be cancelled.

Andreas Scheuer told Spiegel Online that he didn’t believe it was right for Erdogan to carry his election campaign to Germany.

Stuck on stupid: ‘Climate Change’ causes terrorism

The Center for Naval Analyses released a report this week arguing that global warmin, not Islam, is the catalyst for terrorism around the world.–Breitbart reported, via Creeping Sharia

Al-Qaeda Militants Devout Muslims Destroy 3,000 Year-Old Artifacts in Syria

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant took time off from fighting to destroy 3,000 year-old Assyrian statues in Syria. (Having never built anything, these barbarians delight in destroying everything in their path…)

British-born Boko Haram “ringleader” was “radicalised at UK university”

As evidence of his “radicalization,” the clueless Telegraph offers him quoting from the Qur’an, although the paper is evidently unaware that the quote comes from the Qur’an. Even if the authors and editors of this piece did know that, they likely wouldn’t mention it, as that would harm “community cohesion.” “British-born Boko Haram ‘ringleader’ was […]Continue Reading » /Comments