Iraq: devout sunni warriors export 25 shia rafidah to the virgins, allahu akbar!

Baghdad bombs against Shiites kill 25

Not Baghdad bombs. Sunni bombs!

The government has blamed external factors, such as the civil war raging in neighbouring Syria, for the escalating unrest.

Baghdad bombs against Shiites kill 25AFP, Baghdad bombs against Shiites kill 25

The apparently coordinated blasts struck as Iraq’s Shiite majority marked the birth of a venerated figure in their faith, and came as officials tallied votes from the April 30 election amid a protracted surge in bloodshed that has killed more than 3,300 people this year.

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850 dead in Syria regime jails in 2014, says rights group

These people lost their lives due to torture, summary executions and maltreatment–But the real problem is ‘Abu Ghraib’, and Gitmo…..