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Egyptian TV Channel Insists: Jewish Lobbies and Think Tanks behind “The Simpsons”, MEMRI Responsible for Fuss


Hugh Fitzgerald

If you still think that it is only members of Al-Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood about whom one should worry,take a look at those who oppose them, such as Imad Gad, the head of Al-Tahrir TV in Egypt, and his chic speakerine. Listen to their conspiracy theories, their illogic, their everything. They cannot make sense of the world, of their own reality, of how Islam affects those who join the Muslim Brotherhood, or Al-Qaeda, or a thousand other groups, or groupuscules, or also affects, too, to the Muslims who oppose those in the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al-Qaeda and those other groups and groupuscules. For those Muslims, as so many of the tapes from Egypt shown at demonstrate, insist that the woes of Egypt, the existence of the Muslim Brotherhood, the fighting in Syria or Libya or Yemen, the backward nature of Arab societies in every respect, must surely be the result of conspiracies by non-Muslims, with Jews being the most obvious suspects but hardly the only ones.

Imad Gad’s keen awareness that these views, as uttered, are broadcast over the Internet on MEMRI TV, and then are seen by many all around the world, and his fury at this state of affairs, his belief that such diffusion constitutes a kind of conspiracy, is telling. And what it tells us is this: keep up the good work, MEMRI, and make sure that the craziness by Muslims and Arabs is not kept hermetically sealed within the Arab and Muslim world, but can now be seen, taken in, understood by, many millions of non-Muslims, who will draw their own conclusions, quite different from those of Imad Gad and his attractive, deceptively Western-looking, employee.

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Egyptian TV Channel Insists: Jewish Lobbies and Think Tanks behind “The Simpsons”, MEMRI Responsible for Fuss

Following the world news coverage of Al-Tahrir TV’s claim that “The Simpsons” was an American conspiracy and had predicted the war in Syria, TV host Rania Badawi insisted that the show was devised by Jewish lobbies and think tanks and financed by Rupert Murdoch, “the most influential and dangerous man in the world.” Imad Gad, the director of Al-Tahrir TV, said that the entire fuss had been generated by MEMRI. For the previous video-clip, see clip no. 4257 on The new show aired on May 11, 2014.

Following are excerpts:

TV Host Rania Badawi: To all those who conspire against our country, I say: we will not be intimidated by the terrorism of your media. We exposed your schemes, so you directed your poisoned arrows against us. We exposed your destructive Arab Spring conspiracies, so you devoted articles and TV shows to abuse us. Your attacks and criticism will never deter us from our path. Beware of the people who have shed the stupid subjugation, which has harmed us for so long. We shall continue to challenge you, for we do not fear the rustling of the trees in your jungles. Know that your autumn will forever be our spring.


[The Simpsons] is a very influential TV series in the U.S. This animated series is an American production, behind which are basically-Jewish lobbies. I’d like to tell you that this animated series is for adults, not children. It deals with political, social, international, and local issues through its animated characters.

Even more important is the fact that the writers of this series belong to groups of think tanks. They are not written by regular people, using their imagination and their dramatic ability. Instead, they are written by think tanks, by people working in research. They write this series, which is highly influential in America.


It should be noted that this show is financed or produced by Fox News, behind which is Rupert Murdoch, the most influential and dangerous man in the world – just like Mister X, the Egyptian movie character [from the Egyptian 1973 action comedy “The Return of the Most Dangerous Man in the World”] – when it comes to finances and media. He owns many media outlets and is one of the most influential people in the world. He is one of the people who determines who will become U.S. president and who will fail.


Rupert Murdoch is one of the founders of several very powerful Jewish lobbies in the U.S. A perusal of his biography reveals that he was one of the strongest supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood at one point. All this was done by Rupert Murdoch, one of the main financiers of Fox News, which created the Simpsons series.


Al-Tahrir TV Director Imad Gad: The entire fuss was generated by an organization called MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute. This is a Zionist organization which was established in the late 1990s by a colonel in the Israeli army, called Yigal Carmon. Yigal Carmon used to work for Israeli military intelligence, and he founded MEMRI with the chic name of Middle East Media Research Institute.

When did we become aware of this? When a lawsuit for antisemitism was brought against Ibrahim Nafi’, when he was chairman of the board of Al-Ahram. We checked who filed the lawsuit. It was MEMRI. We checked who MEMRI was, and it turned out to be an organization which is to be found in many countries, such as Germany and Turkey, and which operated in various languages.

MEMRI’s mission is to monitor all the Arab media outlets – TV channels, radio stations, and newspapers. They take cartoons, things people say, about the Holocaust, and so on, and they compile a report which they send every morning to the decision makers. They say: “Rania Badawi said on Tahrir TV that the U.S. is hatching conspiracies.” “So-and-So drew a cartoon that depicts…”

Rania Badawi: But all of Egypt is saying all the time that the U.S. is hatching conspiracies. Why is there such a fuss all of a sudden?

Imad Gad: I’ll tell you why. MEMRI operates on a daily basis, in several languages. Its offices are in Washington. They want to tell the Western countries and the Western cultures that the Arabs hate them and are imprisoned by conspiracy theories. So when you talked about the “Simpsons” animated series, they took what you said and translated it. If you had mentioned Jews, they would have said this is antisemitism, but because they could not find any antisemitism, they said that the Arabs are imprisoned by conspiracy theories, and so on.