Moslem Agitprop Led Attack On Julie Bishop and Chris Paine

Who is Rida Hassan?
Is she emboldened by her tutelage under Jake Lynch? Is she an unhinged lesbian like Penny Wong?
Ridah Hassan insults Education Minister Chris Pyne & defends her actions towards Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on ABC News Video:
(Ridah Hassan singles out Chris Pyne, saying “it was not an assault, just jostling which you would find on a bus, but as Chris Pyne has probably never been on a bus, only seen one through the window of his limousine, he wouldn’t know what jostling was”.) 

Student protester denies assaulting Julie Bishop

Sydney University SRC Education Officer, Ridah Hassan, says students did not assault the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop at protests on Friday. Ms Hassan was at the Sydney University protests, during which Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne claims students assaulted Ms Bishop.


Students Heckling Julie Bishop – Posted by Ridah Hassan 

Ridah Hassan, Education Officer at the Sydney University Student Representative Council, told News Corp Australia they were immediately ejected after the vocal protest took place where 150 people had gathered for the minister’s speech.

Ridah Hassan posted an event to University of Sydney Students’ Representative Council‘s Timeline. 19 August 2013 ·

In other news:

Tim Blair:

Astonishing proof that people prefer to have money given to them than not have it given to them: BUDGET UNPOPULAR

They would rather spear him or stone him to death than allow him to stop the gravy train: DEPENDENT NATION

Noel Pearson describes as “a tragic disability” for his people.

“The flipside of the opening up of the doors of citizenship to our people was the provision of welfare,” Pearson told the ABC last year. “What should have been provided was opportunities to engage in the mainstream economy.”

 Andrew Bolt:

Complaints about the Budget pain are like complaints that life-saving surgery leaves you sore.Paul Sheehan on Labor’s amoral attacks on the Abbott Governments attempts to fix what Labor broke:
In 33 minutes of highly accusatory rhetoric [Opposition leader Bill] Shorten offered not a single sentence about how to fund the mountain of unfunded obligations Labor had left behind. Not a word about what taxes it would impose, what costs savings, efficiencies, sacrifices and hard choices it would make.

You really don’t think our culture of entitlement needs fixing?


The NSW Government announces:

A coal seam gas drilling licence at a controversial site in northern NSW has been suspended… NSW Energy and Resources Minister Anthony Roberts said the suspension of Metgasco’s licence at Bentley, near Lismore, was a win for transparency and process…

The licence was suspended after an Office of Coal Seam Gas (OCSG) audit found Metgasco had not fulfilled conditions of its exploration licence, namely to undertake proper consultation with the community.


Tim Blair on the crippling entitlement culture the Abbott Government is being punished for changing – and which the NSW Government just indulged:

Last week a YouTube video appeared featuring various participants in the protests against NSW north coast gas exploration. These protests have caused the state government to suspend mining company Metgasco’s exploration licence, allegedly because Metgasco has failed to undertake genuine and effective community consultation.

The video reveals that a number of protesters aren’t from the local community. They’re freelance tax-funded anti-progress activists from all over the place. Here are some of their darling comments:

Protester #1: “I don’t work, as such, but I draw pictures on the sand at Byron Bay … you cannot define what sort of person is here. Some people will put us off as dirty hippies, and if you look at me you can say that.”

Protester #2: “I’m a student. I just graduated yesterday, actually. Honours from SCU. I’m a writer. Basically I have the luxury of time on my hands at the moment.”

Protester #3: “I’ve driven about 2000 kilometres to be here from the outskirts of Melbourne. I’m a disability pensioner.”

Protester #4: “I’ve been at this particular camp for about two weeks now. I’ve been sort of circling home from Toolangi which is just east of Melbourne. Working’s an interesting concept, you know … people say ‘get a job’ or whatever, you know. We’ve got a job out here. We’re working all the time. We’re working around the clock, you know, and people are doing good work here.”

Protester #5: “I actually was booked to do a retreat in Bali, where I host and it’s where I make money. So at the moment I’m happy that the government pays me just to be old. But I had a retreat there, which is detox the mind and body so the spirit’s free.”

Protester #6: “I’ve lived in my van for the last four years, so I’ve been right around Australia.”

Protester #7: “I’m a student at Southern Cross so I’ve got a couple of flexible units online and I go in to classes on Wednesdays.”

Your taxes at work, supporting people stopping work that brings taxes.

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  1. So a muslim is leading the latest fashionable thing: attacking conservative women physically – Julie Bishop, a tiny woman physically, and Sophie Mirabella who is not even in this government – but of course is politically on the conservative side? That the inspiration for and defence of these violent vermin comes from a Muslim makes sense: her “Kuhltur” is basically very much about violence towards women. She is obviously a protégé of the ABC – ergo I am allowed to wonder: would she be one of the wives of Waleed Ali?

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