Muslim Village: Americans are poorly informed about the rest of the world…

That’s true. Most Americans are ignorant of the fact that 70% of the worlds Muselmaniacs are illiterate, fanatical, inbred and impoverished because of Islam…

Muslim Village:

How NOT to “bring back our girls”

This demented drivel comes from a Margaret Kimberly, who is either a Mustard or a recent ‘revert’:

Because Americans are so poorly informed about the rest of the world, and so strangely enamored of their own government and its intentions, they automatically fall back to the worst solution of all, foreign military intervention.

“… there is no relationship whatsoever between Islam and terrorism,”

…and we are working tirelessly to restore the good image of Islam,” Al-Haji Abubakar III was quoted by Daily Trust while addressing the graduation ceremony of students of the Madarasatul Hifzulraheem Funtua in Katsina State.

Anybody that chooses the path of terror should be addressed as a terrorist and not a Muslim because Islam does not preach or entertain terrorism.” — now you know.

IDF closes border as Syrian infighting nears Israel

A number of radical and moderate Islamist factions have announced a new operation to retake the village along with the Quneitra crossing, the village of al-Hamidia and the a-Rawdi crossing. They claim the purpose of their operation is to remove the government siege on the villages of Jabta Elhashab and Taranja, adjacent to the border.

Who let the dogs out?

The Guardian (and Theresa May)  knows who the enemies are: how courageous!

Police investigate far-right ‘invasions’ of Bradford and Glasgow mosques


Representatives of Britain First hand out leaflets and bibles to Muslim worshippers as part of ‘Christian crusade’ campaign

Police in Bradford and Scotland have launched an investigation after a group of uniformed far-right activists visited mosques over the weekend.

Representatives of Britain First, an offshoot of the British National party that is contesting this month’s local and European elections, carried out what they called a Christian crusade, handing out leaflets and army issue Bibles to Muslim worshippers.

In Yorkshire, members of the group wore matching flatcaps and green jackets embossed with the party logo, which features a crown and the legend “Taking our country back”.

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