Muslims In India Did Everything They Could To Defeat Modi

India’s Modi leads BJP to historic poll win

Main opposition party on course to secure clear majority by defeating ruling Congress party in general elections. (al Jizz)


When the campaign was still young, and before Modi’s tsunami, landslide, avalanche –call it what you will  (curious how terms denoting natural catastrophes are employed to describe an overwhelming vote victory — Indian Muslims were going all out to stop him, and the BJP.

Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister-elect, has promised to work to “fulfil the dreams of 1.2 billion people” as he addressed his supporters for the first time after he led his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party to a landslide election victory.


One hopes that Modi will not now feel the need to “reach out” to Muslims by moderating, in a let’s-put-our-differences-behind-us or “bind-up-the-nation’s-wounds” moment, to modify  or modulate in the slightest his intelligent wariness of, hostility to, Islam and its adherents, who did  so much damage to the temples of, and so much harm to the wellbeing, in every sense, of Hindus and other non-Muslims (Jains, Buddhists),  including the klling of tens of millions of Hindus, during the centuries of Muslim rule, and who managed, during those centuries of Mughal principalities — sung by that sweet singer of Mughal star-crossed lovers and palace intrigue, William “Okkidental” Dalrymple, whose role as an apologist for Islam in a London debate earned him his celebrated nickname — to make of India, in Naipaul’s lapidary phrase,  “a wounded civilization.”

That’s the only  wound Modi need bind up — the wound inflicted by Islam.