Nation of dependents

Where to for Western Democracy when voters vote themselves the Treasury?

In Australia half of all families get more money from the state than they contribute:

The exclusive modelling for News Corp Australia by the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling at the University of Canberra reveals 48 per cent of Australia’s 12.2 million “income units” pay no net tax. Any tax they do contribute is more than offset by the welfare — pensions, family tax benefits or childcare rebates — they receive. Jo Nova has more.–Where to…

Nation of dependents  (Andrew Bolt)

Pat Condell: Europe – The theft of democracy

One thought on “Nation of dependents”

  1. Yet more common sense from Pat Condell.
    One would think that within a free speech democracy he would appear on television.
    The poison of political correctness prevents this!

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