No. We don't want these dangerous headbangers in Australia

Such men are not welcome

Andrew Bolt

THE official report into the killing of Reza Berati at the Manus Island detention centre tells us one grim truth the media has largely ignored.

It’s this: many boat people there seem too dangerous — and racist — to let into this country.

But how many men like them are among the 50,000 boat people Labor let come to our shores?

Robert Cornall, a former senior public servant, was commissioned by the Government to investigate how Berati, an Iranian architect, died in the Manus riots in February.

His report concludes that perhaps a quarter of the 1200 detainees started the violence after learning they had no chance under this Government of getting to Australia.

But what the detainees started, Papua New Guinean police and locals finished, storming the centre and bashing the boat people. In the fury, Berati was punched and kicked by police and local guards before a PNG Salvation Army worker allegedly smashed his skull with a rock. Another 62 detainees were injured.

Cornall points to failings in how the centre was run, but a key public policy question remains, particularly now the Greens and some Labor MPs are demanding the men at Manus be brought to Australia.

Do we really want to bring in the kind of men this report describes?

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