Paul Weston's Arrest Over Quoting Churchill Has Become a Global Scandal

Enza Ferreri,  Fox News:

In the UK a Radical Imam Has More Respect Than a Man Who Saved the Western World

“The Five” political talk show on the American TV channel Fox News discussed the Paul Weston case. (Mullah,pbuh)

If you say Islam is violent, we will kill you at the 9-11 Memorial

Dustin Koellhoffer @ (thanks to Mullah,pbuh)

Do not insult Islamic teachings of the Prophet. To portray those who acted on 9-11 as Muslims is to insult Islam. Islam is peace, and if you say otherwise, we will kill you as Muhammad said we should do to all infidels who insult Islam.

That’s not being said by Al-Qaeda, or even radical Islamists. It is being said by Imams of mosques that are said to be “moderate Muslims.” They say Islam is peace and Jihad is not Holy War but an inner struggle. This is like saying the Catholic Church was never oppressive, nor did the Inquisition do any more than just ask questions.

Islamists in America have been fighting to have a mosque built over the remains of those killed on 9-11, and argue that deny them that right is bigotry against Islam. Barack Obama has supported this mosque as a gesture of peace by Americans to the people of Allah. Americans see it as an attempt at erecting a trophy to martyrs of Islam on the bodies of dead Americans.

Obama has claimed he is Christian, but every action he has taken as president has been against Christianity. Why would anyone believe the man who said, “If you like your health insurance, you can keep it – period” is anything he says? For these Moslems to declare they are being insulted, that they are somehow having their religion slandered because a 9-11 video shows that the terrorists were all Moslem Jihadis is the very epitome of the lie that is Islam.

Coming soon to America – British politician arrested for anti-Islam hate speech

While on campaign in Great Britain, Liberty GB Party Chairman Paul Weston quoting from a book by Winston Churchill about Islam was arrested for “religious/racial harassment” and failure to disperse when one Moslem woman in the listening crowd complained. This is equivalent to an American being arrested for quoting Lincoln about blacks. No more proof is needed thatIslamists have been infiltrating the West through their campaign of Islam as a “religion of peace” than to see Islamist oppression being fomented against a British politician.

British politician arrested for quoting Churchill on Islam

Moslems in America are opposing the video that will be in the 9-11 Memorial exhibit at the Freedom Tower because, they say, it “unfairly” links the Jihadis that crashed the planes into the WTC with Islam. This campaign by Islamists to deny that Jihad is the foundation of Islam taught by Muhammad, that Holy War against the infidel is not the primary element of fundamentalist Islamic belief, is the basis of the infiltration campaign. Convincing people that Islam is not what it is, a religion of fanatical violence and oppression, is the manner by which they can lure people into their death cult and then convert them into the truth that what is called radical Islam is the very heart of Islam.

Megyn Kelly; Moslems object to 9-11 Memorial showing Jihadists

Muhammad spent his life waging war to put the infidel, those who would not submit to his religion, under the boot of Islam. Where they claim they are tolerant of other religions is true only in as much as allowing others to practice their religion as second class citizens called dhimmi in Arabic. Their freedom does not exist as has been demonstrated in the Middle East where the murders of Christians are declared justifiable, and their churches are burned down and forbidden to be rebuilt.

Ground zero church will not be rebuilt

Moslems demand the right to build a mosque on Ground Zero as a monument of the victory of Islam over the bodies of dead infidels is their right under American law of free speech. Following the Islamists attacking and killing American ambassador and personnel in Benghazi, Barack Obama declared, “The future does not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.” This is not a statement made by a Christian.

Obama declares Islam and the Prophet to be inviolate of criticism

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