Queensland: 'Burqa Bill' Voted Down

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Queensland MP’s ‘burqa bill’ voted down


Brisbane Times, Amy Remeikis

Nicknamed the ‘burqa bill’ in the halls of parliament, independent MP Peter Wellington’s Identification Laws amendment bill was voted down by both Labor and LNP government MPs in a rare show of accord overnight.

The Nicklin MP put the private member’s bill forward in August last year with the aim that, in appropriate circumstances, a “police officer, a corrective services or similar officer, a lawyer, a justice of the peace or a commissioner for declaration” could “lawfully” demand a person remove any face coverings so they could be identified.

The Legal Affairs parliamentary committee recommended against passing the proposed legislation, which has been the fate of every non-government bill laid out for committee scrutiny.

But Mr Wellington had the support of MPs from the Palmer United Party and Katter’s Australian Party on Wednesday night, and they weren’t afraid to show it.

“…This is what the people are telling me and likewise, this is about security,” KAP MP Shane Knuth said.

“Things have changed a lot since September 11 and, likewise, we don’t go anywhere else, you know, trying to change laws to suit everyone else over in other countries, but here in Queensland this is about security, this is about protection, this is about ensuring that if someone goes into a bank that their face is not covered up. I don’t think that is much to ask for.”

The Member for Dalrymple said he supported the bill and its provisions, which were based on similar NSW and ACT laws. He said he applauded those legislators “because they saw the reasons behind it, they saw there was a security risk”.

“We just can’t have people walking around our streets with their face covered up,” Mr Knuth said.

“We just can’t have people walking into banks with their faces covered up. We cannot have people walking into places where there is a security issue, with their face covered up.

“So what is wrong with saying ‘hey, we want to ensure, we don’t want bombs going off, we don’t want, you know, terrorism, we don’t want these things, we don’t want these things.”

It was then that Burleigh MP Michael Hart jumped up to interject.

“We are talking about bombs going off and highly inflammatory remarks. The member for Dalrymple is making a mockery of this parliament,” he said.

“You’re a mockery,” came the reply from the other side of the house, but Mr Knuth, who had previously argued LNP MPs would have declared the bill to be “the best thing that has ever happened” and “finally someone has got the balls to take a stand and do something”, if Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie had put it forward, finished soon after, by commending the bill to the house.

Mr Wellington had made a point of emphasising that the bill was “not directed against the wearing of burqas generally…it is not even specifically directed at burqa-wearing women”, despite using the New South Wales Carnita Matthews case as an example of why further identification laws were needed in Queensland.

“It could equally apply to a person wearing a Darth Vader mask or anything that covers their face,” Mr Wellington said.

“I believe people should have to reveal their face to persons in the legal system who need to know who they are.”

But despite KAP, PUP, independent MP Liz Cunningham and Mr Wellington voting ‘yes’, it was easily drowned out by the ‘nos’  from the Labor and LNP MPs in the house.

Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/queensland-mps-burqa-bill-voted-down-20140522-zrkh6.html#ixzz32PFEOU3W

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