The invasion of Italy

thanks to Gallia Watch


This article comes from Riposte Laïque:

In 2011, Riccardo Muti, internationally acclaimed conductor, spoke with emotion and lucidness about the decline of Italy (and Europe). He encouraged the public to sing the Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves (Va, pensiero), from the opera Nabucco by Verdi.

Riccardo Muti didn’t know that the worst was yet to come.

Italy has become a land of conquest. Senseless waves of invaders arrive every day in Sicily and Lampedusa.


Already, before the drowning of immigrants in October 2013, they were coming in by thousands. But since October 3, 2013, after the media and the politicians labeled the Italians as guilty, and all Europeans as well, accusing them of being responsible for the accident, the Italian navy, under orders from the EU has been forced to implement operation Mare Nostrum, and goes looking for boatloads of immigrants every day, in the middle of the Mediterranean, to bring them back to the Italian coast!

It must be a first in the whole history of humanity: the navy of a country participates in the invasion of the country it is supposed to be defending!

And there is more icing on the cake regarding the disdain for Italians and the European peoples:

– On January 21, the Italian Senate abolished the crime of illegal entry! This means that anybody, without a visa, with no papers, can come settle in Italy without violating any law.

– An illegal arriving in Italy immediately has the right to food and shelter, free medical care and pocket money of thirty euros a day.

– Eighty-five percent of retired Italians have less than thirty euros a day and they must, with this sum, pay for rent, food, etc… It’s enough to make you cry.

– Regarding national health, many migrants bring multi-resistant tuberculosis, and many have HIV…

– That’s were we are. It’s a veritable genocide that we Europeans are undergoing. We know that thousands of potential immigrants are waiting on the shores of Africa to cross over.

If we do not wake up at once, as the formidable Magdi Allam says, racism will explode in Europe because the natives are being discriminated against in favor of the immigrants.

Note: Magdi Allam made news a few years ago when he converted to Catholicism from Islam. In the video below he addresses the EU Parliament in Strasbourg on February 26, 2014, declaring that he will vote “no” on a bill that would protect the immigrants even more – Roma gypsies and even suspected terrorist -  against the European peoples.

Here is a translation (by Riposte Laïque) of his words:

– I will vote against the resolution on fundamental rights in the EU, because this Europe will implode, not because rights are not respected, but because duties have been forgotten. We will increase more and more the rights and freedoms of newcomers, without asking them in exchange to do their duty and respect our rules.

Before worrying about discrimination against the gypsies, the immigrants and even suspected terrorists, we must concern ourselves with the discrimination that is bearing down on the citizens. In my country, Italy, it is the Italians who are discriminated against: when they seek housing, daycare, subsidies and social welfare.

As a former immigrant, proud of being an Italian citizen, as a sociologist and journalist who has spent thirty-five years on immigration issues, I feel I have the duty to warn this Europe about an explosion, a wave of racism: not, as this bill would lead you to believe, because the immigrants and suspected terrorists are discriminated against, but because the citizens of the European countries are discriminated against as a result of our submission to a globalist immigrationist ideology, and a bleeding-heart moral relativism.

I rebel against a Europe that proposes such a resolution, I say “no” to a Europe that acts as if it were a deserted land, where every person who arrives sets up his own tent, and lays down his own conditions. Europe is being transformed into a land of conquest.

Note: These are fine words from Magdi Allam, but it may be too late. If Italy, which has managed until recently to stem the massive waves of barbarians entering from non-European lands, can no longer hold back the tsunami, and if the forces that have influence, such as the Vatican, the Italian government, the deluded people themselves are voluntarily blinded to reality, what can be done? And the military has to obey orders, as in France where the police, gendarmes, etc… obey a treasonous government. But the people themselves are responsible insofar as they did not make any attempt to fight the liberal propaganda machines that hammered away day and night from 1968 onward. Egalitarianism, white guilt, a dream of one world, a dream of an Arabized Europe, a dream of racially mixed populations, and the slow demise of Christianity as it is transmogrified into a branch of Socialism, have penetrated the collective European, Italian and French consciousness.

Some are beginning to wake up. When they realize the situation they may just turn around and go back to sleep.