Trojan Horses Everywhere….

No Moe in the house, no Islamic Kindergarten in Switzerland
Arabic, Koran and Islam: who needs to know more than that?
Muslim children should be educated according to Islam and taught Arabic and the Quran outside home, too – in this way strengthening the togetherness of the Islamic community”. These were the reasons given by the association «Al Huda» (the right path) when filing a request for an Islamic kindergarten in Volketswil. This would have been the first of its kind in Switzerland. But (the authorities in) the canton of Zürich refused to issue the permit: (SRF)
Islamic school stand-off — Trojan Horse Dilemma

From the Telegraph, thanks to Esmeralda

Birmingham city council is to send police into a failing school closely linked to the “Trojan Horse” plot after it physically resisted attempts by the council to take it over last week.

Al-Hijrah School, in Bordesley Green, was placed in special measures by Ofsted last year after inspectors found “inadequate” teaching, an unbalanced curriculum and governors “too heavily involved in the day-to-day running of the school.” More than half of parents at the school, which is 100 per cent Muslim, told the inspectorate their children were not being properly taught.

Lutfur Rahman:

30 things you need to know about the extremist-linked hardcore headbanger  (who is) mayor of Tower Hamlets, by Andrew Gilligan

The Muslim Brotherhoods Peaceful Conquest

The Muslim Brotherhood has indeed had a long history of relations with Britain. In 2010, Mark Curtis published Secret Affairs: Britain’s Collusion with Radical Islam, a well documented essay that could save David Cameron a lot of research work. Curtis writes … by Valentina Colombo, thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Muslim Brotherhood has a ‘significant presence’ in Canada, says study urging probe into the group

Stewart Bells writes in the National Post:

TORONTO — The Muslim Brotherhood has established a “significant presence” in Canada, says a study released Tuesday that asks whether the government should follow the lead of the United Kingdom and launch an investigation into the group.

Calling the Brotherhood the “antithesis” of Canadian laws and values, the study urged Ottawa to deny public support and charity status to organizations aligned with the group, which promotes political Islam as an alternative to Western-style democracy.

Not. Islam seeks to replace all western culture and civilisation with Islam. There is no “alternative” in the mix….