UK: a memorial for Lee Rigby might enrage Muslims…..

From Barenaked Islam:
DISGRACEFUL! One year after the brutal murder of British soldier, Lee Rigby, authorities refuse to allow a permanent memorial at the scene, despite the pleas of his family, because it might “attract more Muslim extremists”
Dutch cowards removed a sign saying ‘thou shalt not kill’ on the spot where Theo van Gogh was murdered by a soldier of allah. What we are seeing here is sharia applied, by dhimmi capos.


It was cold-blooded, brutal, and it shocked the world. But on the one-year anniversary of British soldier Lee Rigby’s murder by Muslim savages in the streets of London, there is still no memorial…and apparently, no plans to build one. All of us at BNI honor and pay homage to this British hero and will keep his memory alive in our hearts and prayers. God Bless his family.

UK Telegraph  What happened on Artillery Place in Woolwich on May 22 2013 was unique in British military history. Many British soldiers have died in battle. Many have been killed by terrorists. But only one has been deliberately knocked unconscious by a car and then, in the phrase of the trial judge, “butchered” in the London suburbs in the middle of the Wednesday lunch-hour, as the perpetrators gloried in their evil.

3 thoughts on “UK: a memorial for Lee Rigby might enrage Muslims…..”

  1. YES !!! i agree with having Lee Rigby’s memorial up where he was killed, the muslims can be angered by it, but its NOT THEIR FUCKING COUNTRY, muslims should GET the FUCK out of England, I am Australian and i will be supporting the ENGLISH people with this fight …

  2. It offends Muslims? Their own perpetrated this horrible crime. Continuing to kowtow to those who perpetrate these crimes makes them feel more enabled. The Memorial should go up as soon as possible, declaring the truth about his murder. Eff the muslims.

  3. When a muslim gets killed in Germany they name a street after him. If a german youngster gets killed he is called nazi by anti-white racists. Tomorrow are the elections!

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