Unreal: Muslims in Sydney demand police back away from enforcing “draconian” laws

Police uphold laws, and ethnic groups cannot negotiate a pass

Andrew Bolt

It is unhealthy to have ethnic groups privately negotiating with police not to have laws enforced against their members. Another sign that immigration is becoming colonisation:

Key Muslim leaders in Sydney have appealed directly to the man most likely to become the next NSW police commissioner, asking him to back away from enforcing “draconian” laws that make it a crime to support the civil war in Syria.

Current Deputy Police Commissioner Nick Kaldas was asked to convey that stark message not only to his colleagues in law enforcement agencies, but to politicians in the federal arena too.

The law in question is the Foreign Incursions Act, which makes it a crime to support the war in Syria by going over to fight, or by providing material and financial support to warring parties…

The highest official of Muslim religious law in Australia, Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, hosted the closed meeting with Deputy Commissioner Kaldas, but has maintained his usual silence on the matter.

There is no evidence Kaldas for a second contemplated not upholding the law as a result of the meeting.

Sudanese criminal with very low IQ  goes on crime spree down under:

Who is minding the gate?

Andrew Bolt

Who is minding the gate? Is this an example of our refugee intake? If so, is the program operating in the national interest?

From the County Court of Victoria:

Garang Garang you … have pleaded guilty to two indictments. The first charging you with four offences of obtaining property by deception, one offence of armed robbery and one of attempted armed robbery and the second charging you with causing serious injury intentionally. You have also admitted a number of prior convictions and court appearances.

…the first indictment involves you using a credit card that was stolen a few hours previously in the course of another robbery and your participation in an armed robbery and attempted armed robbery on soft targets, with others…. The second indictment concerns an offence of intentionally causing serious injury upon a Corrections officer who was overseeing you whilst you were in custody…

It will have been extremely difficulty for you to have made the journey that you did from Sudan to Australia via Egypt and to have sought to fit in to the Australian community not just with your background, but with the deficits, the impairments, mental impairments that arose from a series of events which seemed to have caused or contributed to your acquired brain injury and other mental impairments. No doubt they have interfered with your ability to complete your education satisfactorily and also made you more vulnerable to the influences of others who drew you in to use of illicit drugs in particular ice and in to criminal conduct.

It is noteworthy that you have acquired for a young man a bad criminal record with some serious criminal offences including intentionally causing injury and recklessly causing injury, recklessly causing serious injury and armed robbery. The report of Lindsay Vowles suggests … a very low intelligence quotient … as low as a full scale IQ of 57 which is extremely low…

Unless you get a good deal of support when you are released from prison I think your prospects of staying out of trouble in the future are poor. You are very fortunate to have people around you who have been prepared to really put themselves out…

I notice looking at the transcript on the proceedings before Her Honour Judge Gaynor in November of 2012 you were arguing with her as to her characterisation of you when she was describing you as dangerous. Within two weeks you poured boiling water over the head of a Corrections officer …

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