And now, the boats from India!

153 on board leaking boat plead for help

“Passengers” claiming to be refugees say they are in a leaking boat 300 kilometres off Christmas Island after spending two weeks at sea during a non-stop journey from India.

That would put them in Indonesian waters….

IMMIGRATION Minister Scott Morrison today insisted there was no at-sea emergency concerning reported new boatloads of asylum seekers headed for Australia,


Green-Left subversives demand we take ’em all in:

Asylum escapee Sarah Hanson-Young said that turning a boat back to India was “simply not an option”. It could -somehow- create a diplomatic row with India.

There must be a war on in India….

….since a boat full of people from there phoned up to say they were in trouble.

It is rather intriguing that people on a leaking boat first call their friendly refugee advocate, who calls Fairfax Media, who then pass the details on to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. 

According to the SMH they were 300kms away from CI …See More (and they didn’t pay…. so who paid for them?)


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    1. She doesn’t want them. She wants you to pay for them so she can feel morally superior….

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