Australia: 'Muslim Community' Finds Counter Terrorism Squad Leaders Comments "Offensive and Provocative''

Curiously, they don’t find it “offensive and provocative” that 200 of their ‘yoots’ went to Syria to wage jihad in the way of allah to murder Alewites, Christians, Druse and other Muslims, who oppose the caliphate they hope will one day rule the world.

Imams rap police over Syrian war allegations

Rachel Olding, Sydney Moonbat Herald

NSW Assistant Commissioner Peter DeinWarning: Assistant Commission Peter Dein. Photo: Kate Geraghty

Muslim leaders have taken a swipe against police in a run-in that has exposed failures in the effort to stop Australians joining the Syrian jihad.

The Australian National Imams Council has taken the unusual step of reprimanding the head of the NSW Counter Terrorism Squad, Assistant Commissioner Peter Dein, and requesting a meeting with his superiors because of ”offensive and provocative” comments he made about the Syrian conflict reaching Australian shores.

Whats unusual about Muslims screaming bloody murder when infidels point out that they are waging jihad?

Mr Dein told The Australian the Muslim community was being ”very passive about the problem” and senior leaders were not doing enough to discourage young Australian men from joining the jihad.

They fuel it. That’s their religion.

Imam Mohamadu Saleem said more than 150 imams rejected the offensive comments ”in the strongest possible terms” and perceived them as ”an irresponsible act of disrespect to the hard and ongoing work [of] senior members of the Muslim community … to prevent anyone who might have been affected by the Syrian conflict from becoming directly involved”.

Several leaders have highlighted programs targeting young Muslims and weekly sermons by sheikhs and imams persuading them against travelling to the battlefront.

All BS. All lies. When the call for jihad comes, all Muslims must join and play their part.

It is believed about 200 Australians are fighting with terrorist groups in Syria and there are fears they will return with extremist views and militant skills.

They certainly will. And our cowardly politprops don’t have the guts to revoke their citizenship.

On Monday, the police backed away from Mr Dein’s views and acknowledged the ”concerted efforts” of Muslim organisations.

Caving in? What a bunch of tards.

”We note that this effort has been under way for some time,” a spokesman said.


However, the incident has revealed deeper rifts in the campaign to stop young Australians fighting in Syria.

Wissam Haddad, who says he knows many Australians who have travelled to the front line, says young men aren’t listening to the messages being disseminated by the authorities and ”passive” organisations.

Because it would be against Islam.

He says the hardline stance of the government and police, which have repeatedly stressed it is illegal to fight in Syria, is only reaching the ”old lines” of the community.

Lets say it has no impact at all.

Those fighting in Syria are often given hero status and referred to on social media as martyrs.

”The new lines are the ones that want to go out there and physically participate,” Mr Haddad said.

”You can discourage them all you like.

”Each Muslim knows his obligation and the only way you can discourage the youth is to take away their religion.

Lets try that.

”It’s something they will give their lives for.”

That’s right. They kill and die in the way of allah to make alla’s religion rule the world.

Islamic Friendship Association founder Keysar Trad said he was constantly delivering sermons encouraging Muslims to donate or make political representations rather than take up arms.

That’s the money jihad. Isn’t there a law against supporting terrorist organisations with money?

”It’s unhelpful of the police to keep pointing the finger of blame at the community when it lies completely elsewhere,” he said.

The police is not supposed to aid and abet the jihad. And they shouldn’t be barking up the wrong tree either. This is about Islam and the Islamic expansion project must be reversed.

”These comments unfortunately end up serving the ‘them and us brigade’ and we’ve been fighting a very long time to make people understand there is no them and us.”

 No them and us? But… but: hasn’t allah already decided?



6 thoughts on “Australia: 'Muslim Community' Finds Counter Terrorism Squad Leaders Comments "Offensive and Provocative''”

  1. Good for you to speak the truth. You only have to look at Muslims so called religion of peace jihads in other countries. They are exerting themselves in other ways in every other country they have settled in, and for only one reason according to all their banner waving. Its known that even charities in some countries are using the money for weapons to fight these jihads. The sooner that immigration is stopped for these people the better. I don’t feel they can be trusted. Time the laws were changed to protect Australia better. ALL immigrants should sign a legal document stating they will not turn against this country and not teach, or preach about jihads or any other act of terrorism. If they are so inclined to jihads then they should go and live in like minded countries.

  2. I totally agree with KAA, We shouldn’t let Muslims form any kind of groups at all in Australia. They should be under the same Non- Association laws that Biker groups are under. Do we want the same situation as is in America with C.A.I.R. Muslims tying up courts with law suits against the host country and Businesses , because they want to bend our laws to suit them. I say deport the whole lot of them, we dont need this crap in Australia. Every Western Country, Muslims want to live in there are problems. They are here for one reason and one reason only, To take over every Western Country and Implement Sharia Law in the West. We cant allow this under any circumstances. If we allow Muslims into this country WE WILL end up having a civil war. This will be the same out come in all western countries that allow Muslims to Immigrate into the west. WE MUST KEEP THEM OUT AT ALL COSTS. for the sake of our KIDS.

  3. Why in the hell stop them before they leave!
    Better to let them go and then cancel their passports and let them live in whatever country they want to support or fight and die for! This would be a great way to rid our country of the gutter trash who bring their petty backward ethnic tribal feuds to our country.

  4. ”These comments unfortunately end up serving the ‘them and us brigade’ and we’ve been fighting a very long time to make people understand there is no them and us.”

    No them and us? But… but: hasn’t allah already decided?

    Love your red comments and the picture under it.

    ”These comments by the Police unfortunately end up serving the ‘them and us brigade’

    Isn’t there a ‘them and us brigade’ already.

    Created by them?

    Dar al-Islam (House of Islam)
    Dar al-harb. (House of war)

    The law divides unbelievers theologically into those who have a book and profess what Islam recognizes as a divine religion and those who do not; politically into dhimmis, those who have accepted the supremacy of the Muslim state and the primacy of the Muslims,

    and harbis, the denizens of the Dar al-harb, the House of War, who remain outside the Islamic frontier, and with whom therefore there is in principle, a canonically obligatory perpetual state of war until the whole world is either converted or subjugated.

    1. There you go. Ignore it at your peril. Never be fooled by Mohammedan projection; learn from it!

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