Bergdahl converted to Islam, declared himself a “mujahid”

We know that already. Its not a secret. But the Obama regime would have you believe it is a secret.


This is getting worse by the minute. Will Obama ever backtrack and apologize at any point, or will he keep on digging in and insisting that obtaining back this traitorous deserter was the right thing to do? Will the mainstream media continue to cover for him, or will it finally hold him accountable? Is the […] Continue Reading »

Robert Spencer on the never ending revelations about the US deserter and traitor Abdullah Bergdahl

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

Taliban commanders say they found Bergdahl cursing his countrymen

No surprises here.

Afghans say Taliban prisoners freed by Obama will rejoin jihad against U.S.

That’s the nature of the beast.

Obama passed up chances to rescue Bergdahl because he wanted prisoner trade to empty Gitmo

Still no impeachment?

Afghanistan: Islamic jihadists kidnap Indian Jesuit priest

What was this Jesuit priest doing there anyway?

Obama: “I make no apologies” for Bergdahl prisoner exchange

He never apologised for anything. Its not in the DNA of Barry Soetoro to apologise.

86% of U.S. troops wounded in Afghanistan wounded during Obama Administration

He should hang for that.

Taliban commander: Bergdahl exchange first time the “enemy” has “officially recognized our status”

Its like Mooch in the white house: for the first time ever she likes her country.

General Martin Dempsey: Army to investigate desertion claims against Bergdahl

I don’t trust Dempsey. Do you?

“If this guy [Bergdahl] had not gone off post, our son would not have been killed.”

Again, Obama should pay the ultimate price for his treason.